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Psychological Skills Training for Human Wellness

Psychological Skills Training for Human Wellness

  • Agya Jit Singh - Former Head, Department of Psychology, Punjabi University, Patiala
  • Ramneet Kaur - Lecturer, University of North Georgia, Atlanta, USA

December 2020 | 328 pages | SAGE India
Psychological skills training (PST) involves learning essential psychological skills that help the human mind to function at a high level, irrespective of circumstances. The major skills include stress management, resilience, self-motivation, self-confidence, sustaining focus, leadership, goal setting and planning, conflict resolution, time management and communication skills. PST programmes involve directions, practice and feedback in order to learn these skills effectively. PST is used in a variety of educational, professional, sporting and health settings. 

Psychological Skills Training for Human Wellness provides a comprehensive reference to all aspects of PST and presents a holistic view of the subject area. It shows how PST serves the needs of multiple domains and user groups of different ages and at various life stages. It covers each area of skill development in detail. The book will prove to be an indispensable source for academic and research psychologists and will be highly useful for professional psychologists interested in the implementation of PST for their clients. 
Preface and Acknowledgements
Human Wellness: Need of the Hour
Managing Psychic Energy
Mental Imagery: A Master Skill
Motivation for Performance Enhancement
Goal Setting: A Psychological Skill
Emotional Arousal Regulation
Stress Management Techniques
Psycho-regulative Techniques
Attention Skill and Concentration Ability
Self-confidence as a Skill Area
Understanding and Development of the Self
Leadership and Communication Skills
Decision-making and Problem-solving
Implementation and Application of Psychological Skills Training Programme

Agya Jit Singh

Agya Jit Singh retired as Head in the Department of Psychology, Punjabi University, Patiala, after serving for 30 years. He holds a masters degree in psychology and education, with M.Litt in educational psychology and PhD in sports psychology. He has an experience of teaching to post-graduate classes in the area of educational psychology as well as measurement and evaluation. He has also worked as a coordinator in the Department of Correspondence Courses in the University for B.Ed. and M.Ed courses for a few years.He has the privilege of serving in the prestigious international famed institution, that is, Netaji Subhas National... More About Author

Ramneet Kaur

Ramneet Kaur has a PhD in biotechnology with postdoctoral research training from Harvard Medical School, Boston, and Emory University, Atlanta, USA, in the field of cancer biology. Currently, she is a faculty in the Biology Department at the University of North Georgia, USA. Dr Kaur also has an academic position at Mercer University, Atlanta. Her research is in the field of triple-negative breast cancer. She has published various research papers in high impact factor scientific journals in the field of cancer. She has contributed many chapters on psychology topics in several books of psychology. Dr Kaur has an interest in an inter... More About Author

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