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Psychological Contracts in Employment

Psychological Contracts in Employment
Cross-National Perspectives

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May 2000 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The relationship between workers and firms are changing worldwide. Nowhere is this more evident than in the psychological contracts of employment.

This book combines the cross-national perspectives of organizational scholars from thirteen countries to examine how societies differ in the nature of psychological contracts in employment and how global business initiatives are bridging these differences.

The contributors include social scientists with deep knowledge of the particular societies they describe, and whose personal scholarship involves psychological contract phenomena locally as well as abroad.

Readers of Denise Rousseau's award winning book, Psychological Contract in Organizations (SAGE 1995) will welcome the extension of this ground-breaking work into the global arena.

Denise M Rousseau and René Schalk
Boris Kabanoff, Nerina L Jimmieson and Malcolm J Lewis
Psychological Contracts in Australia
A `Fair Go' or a `Not-so-Happy Transition'?

Luc Sels et al
A Culture of Compromise

Lo[um]ic Cadin
Does Psychological Contract Theory Work in France?
Cynthia Lee, Catherine H Tinsley and Zhen Xiong Chen
Psychological and Normative Contracts of Work Group Members in the United States and Hong Kong
Snehal Shah
Caste, Commitments and Change

Moshe Krausz
Psychological Contracts in Israel
Motohiro Morishima
A Break with Tradition
Negotiating New Psychological Contracts in Japan

Hector R Diaz-Saenz and Patricia D Witherspoon
Psychological Contracts in Mexico
Historical, Familial and Contemporary Forces on Work Relationships

Charissa Freese and René Schalk
Psychological Contracts in The Netherlands
Dualism, Flexibility and Security

Simon Peel and Kerr Inkson
Economic Deregulation and Psychological Contracts
The New Zealand Experience

Soon Ang, Mei Ling Tan and Kok Yee Ng
Psychological Contracts in Singapore
Lynne Millward and Peter Herriot
The Psychological Contract in the United Kingdom
Denise M Rousseau
Psychological Contracts in the United States
Diversity, Individualism and Associability in the Marketplace

Denise M Rousseau and René Schalk
Learning from Cross-National Perspectives on Psychological Contracts

"This book is valuable not only to anyone interested in the theory of psychological employment contracts, but also for anyone wanting to improve their understanding of the work contexts and cultures of various countries." 

Lise M. Saari
Director, Global Employee Research, IBM

Denise M. Rousseau

Professor Denise Rousseau studies the changing psychological contract in employment, human resource strategies, and the effects of organizational culture on performance. Her books include: Psychological Contracts in Employment (Sage, with Rene Schalk); Relational Wealth: The Advantage of Stability in a Changing Economy (Oxford, with Carrie Leana); Psychological Contracts in Organizations (Sage); Boundaryless Careers: Work, Mobility, and Learning in the New Organizational Era (Oxford, with M. Arthur); Developing an Interdisciplinary Science of Organizations (Jossey-Bass, with K. Roberts and C. Hulin); and Trends in Organizational Behavior ... More About Author

René Schalk

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