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Protection of Himalayan Biodiversity

Protection of Himalayan Biodiversity
International Environmental Law and a Regional Legal Framework

First Edition

August 2010 | 404 pages | SAGE India
Beginning with the ecological, economic, social and legal facets of biodiversity issues and challenges facing the Himalayan region, the book discusses the Convention on Biological Diversity and subsequent developments. A pioneering work on the protection of the Himalayan biodiversity, it uses tools upheld by international environmental law and examines exhaustively the possibility of evolving regional partnerships for the protection of the Himalayas.

The debate between the technology-rich First World and the bio-rich Third World is studied in detail, with a focus on issues of access and benefit-sharing. The book also examines the gaps in existing and evolving national laws and policies on the protection of biodiversity, and in doing so, envisages a framework of regional laws on the subject.

Foreword Surya P Subedi
Introducing the Himalayan Region: Bio and Livelihood Challenges  
Mountains: Convention on Biological Diversity and Subsequent Developments  
Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing  
Protection of Traditional Knowledge  
Biological Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights  
Framework of Regional Cooperation in the Himalaya, and Strategies for Negotiation  
Concluding Observations  

The Himalayas are home to millions of people and a rich and unmatched biodiversity that controls the climate pattern of the whole region. It is this richness that Dr Bhattarai…tries to portray…. [The book] argues for a regional approach to protecting the Himalaya…. The author…tries to create awareness, establish a coalition of governmental and non-governmental actors, civil societies and researchers for the protection of Himalaya and its people…. The heavy citations with footnotes and the elaborate bibliography hint at the depth of the research. Development policymakers in the Himalayan region must read at least Chapters One and Six to understand the issues and to craft long-term, viable solutions to pressing biodiversity concerns.

The Kathmandu Post

This book pleads for equal level playing field for all in the access to benefit from the sharing of the Himalayan biodiversity, and the book proposes as to what is to be done to accomplish the same… this book is a great contribution to this field, an immense resource to those who work in this area and global warming for the sake of the protection of our Planet Earth. It is a “must read” volume for those working in the areas of conservation policies and laws.

The Republic

This well produced book, written by a Judge in the Court of Appeal in Nepal takes a detailed look at the various laws and policies regarding the protection especially of Himalayan biodiversity… All in all, a book that abounds in clear thinking and scholarship and a must-read for those who are working on issues related to biodiversity though even an interested layperson will easily understand as (s)he reads through.

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Ananda Mohan Bhattarai

Ananda Mohan Bhattarai is a judge in the Court of Appeal in Nepal. He was associated with the National Judicial Academy, Nepal since its establishment in 2004, where he worked first as a core faculty and later as an extended faculty. He has worked in the Nepal judiciary for more than 27 years.He holds an L.L.M. and J.S.D. from the National Law School of India, Bangalore. He was a SPURS/Hubert Humphrey Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (2002–03) and Georg Forster Fellow at Max Planck Institute of International Law and Comparative Public Law, Heidelberg, Germany (2005–06 and 2008). Apart from numerous research articles... More About Author

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