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Promoting Friendships in the Playground

Promoting Friendships in the Playground
A Peer Befriending Programme for Primary Schools

136 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book aims to assist teachers to train pupils aged 6 - 11 in peer befriending. The contents include comprehensive facilitator notes on running training programme for young people including Circle Time activities, pro-social games and necessary photocopiable worksheets.

The contents are based on the author's own experiences of running such a programme to assist pro-social behaviour at breaks and lunchtimes. Also included in the book are some awareness raising sessions for support staff and lunchtime supervisors.

This programme is not intended to be mediation training, rather it is a 'friends' scheme. It has been successfully trialled in primary schools in Bromley.

Introduction and Background

How to use the materials

Training for Pals
Session 1
Resources: Rules

Playground Observation

Session 2
Resources: Good thoughts about me

Session 3
Resources: Rhyme


Session 4
Resources: Pal Guide Booklet

Pal certificate

Follow Up Sessions


Listening Skills


Anger Management

Training For Y2 Lunch-Time Supervisors
Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Resources: Questionnaire
Helpful Hints Sheet


Appendix 1: Letter To Parents
Appendix 2: Sample Job Specification
Appendix 3: Skills List
Appendix 4: Advert For Playground Pals
Appendix 5: Pupil Survey
Appendix 6: Teacher Survey
Appendix 7: Parent/Governor survey/letter
Appendix 8: What The Children Say..........


'This positive book sets out to help teachers and pupils to work together to improve the quality of playtime…The time taken to develop these worthwhile skills is likely to be well spent and benefit the school and playtime in the long run' - Youth in Mind

Brigette Bishop