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Promote Your Journal

Increasingly, a variety of different online platforms are being used as places to discover, and engage with, research. Journal content is also no longer limited to just text; it now includes video, podcasts, images, datasets, photographs and maps. Multimedia content aids the discoverability and share-ability of content and allows users to engage with your publication. SAGE Publishing is dedicated to supporting you to ensure that your journal is visible where the user starts their search. But where and how should you be sharing this content to engage and reach an audience beyond the core readership of your journal? 

Below are some of the resources we think are key for promoting your journal, offering you a direct way to reach the widest and most appropriate audience. 

Social Media


Twitter allows you to connect with your authors, as well as researchers and society partners within you field and beyond. You can share content from your publication as well as set up search terms to enable you to monitor what is being talked about in your areas of interest: you can then join in on conversations, and share relevant research from your journal. The more you engage, the more people will follow you to listen to your comments and recommendations, allowing you to position your journal as a leading source of information on specific topics and well as widen the reach and impact of your name.

Read SAGE's guidelines for how to use Twitter and find out about SAGE’s discipline specific channels. 


Why not also create a Facebook page for your journal? Facebook lets users add ‘friends’ to build a network of researchers and organizations within a particular field. You can then share information and content from your journal. You can also join and create groups according to your journal’s interests or areas of expertise.

Read SAGE's guidelines for how to use Facebook

For ideas on how you can use social media tools to help promote your article, please read our guide on Using Social Media to Enhance Discoverability.


SAGE also runs a variety of blog sites to share topical and thought-provoking articles, interviews, videos and features to engage with the academic community. They include: 

SAGE Insight

SAGE Insight is our research news blog highlighting journal research, both new and historical, across all subject disciplines. It aims to promote topical and interesting research to the public and policy makers. Articles featured on SAGE Insight include free links to the original research and is a great way to promote your journals content. If you have accept research that you think is particularly topical and of interest to a wide audience please do get in touch. 

SAGE Connection 

SAGE Connection is our corporate blog. It aims to bridge the gap between scholars, practitioners, librarians, researchers, students and SAGE by providing unique perspectives on industry topics, as well as useful tips to help readers navigate the changes in academic publishing. If you would like to write an industry commentary piece or a top tips style post get in touch. 

Social Science Space 

Social Science Space brings social scientists together to explore, share and shape the big issues in social science, from funding to impact. This online social network features blogs with the most current thinking from key players in social science. It is an active forum for discussions, a resource center with free videos, reports and slides that support these discussions, as well as funding and job opportunity notices. If you have a piece of research publishing that engages with these big issues in social science get in touch.  


Methodspace is an online community for research methods. The purpose of the site is to connect researchers to discuss methodology issues and controversies, discover and review new resources, find relevant conferences and events, and share and solve methodology problems. 

The Conversation 

SAGE is also a partner of the news website The Conversation. The site translates academic research for the non-specialist and the lay-person, by pairing authors with journalists to produce articles of academic rigor, scientific accuracy and journalistic flair. The Conversation is a great way to increase research impact, and so if have research due to published in your journal you can work with your internal editor to check its suitability for pitching. 

SAGE Article News Release Scheme

A SAGE Article News Release scheme is available on a case by case evaluation basis to raise the visibility of particular articles, and highlight new and important research. Contact your marketing manager if you accept an article that you think may draw wide public attention. 

A press-worthy paper should:

  • Present new research, or add new information to previous research
  • Appeal to a general as well as a specialist audience
  • Have a message that can be explained in lay terms

Visit our news room to read our latest news releases!

Journal Prizes

Why not consider introducing a best paper prize or other award in order to promote your journal to potential authors and raise your profile? The prize could be awarded to the most highly cited paper, the best paper by an early career academic or postgraduate, or simply the paper that best advances the aims and scope of the journal. The winning paper could then be promoted via the journal’s website. Ask your SAGE Editor for advice.

SAGE is committed to promoting and increasing the visibility of the journals we publish. For further information on any of the above please contact your marketing lead.