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The Rhetorical War Over Sexuality

July 2012 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Issues such as lesbians and gay men serving openly in the military, same-sex marriage and the inclusion of sexual orientation in anti-discrimination and hate crime laws have evolved along with the rival progay and anitgay communities. As a result of public policy debates, the US progay movement has moved toward an essentialist, non-sexual identity while traditionalists have shifted toward a secular public self-representation. This book analyzes the internal disagreements within the two movements.
Public Policy Debate about Variant Sexuality

Emergence of the Variant Sexuality Issue Culture
Analysis of Communication in Contests over Variant Sexuality
Appeals in Progay and Traditionalist Discourses
Antagonistic Construction of Identity and Conflict
Debate within Communities
Same-Sex Marriage
A Case Study

Criticism of the Variant Sexuality Issue Culture

Ralph R. Smith

Russel R. Windes

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ISBN: 9780761916475

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