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Professional Lives of Community Corrections Officers: The Invisible Side of Reentry

Professional Lives of Community Corrections Officers: The Invisible Side of Reentry

November 2013 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
One of the first contemporary works to bring together research focused on community corrections officers, Professional Lives of Community Corrections Officers: The Invisible Side of Reentry, by Faith E. Lutze, helps readers understand the importance of community corrections officers to the success of the criminal justice system. The author brings the important work of these officers out from the shadows of the prison and into the light of informed policymaking, demonstrating how their work connects to the broader political, economic, and social context. Arguing that they are “street-level boundary spanners” who are in the best position to lead effective reentry initiatives built on interagency collaboration, the author shows how community corrections officers can effectively lead a fluid response to reentry that is inclusive of control, support, and treatment. This supplement is ideal for community corrections or probation and parole courses to supplement core textbooks.
Chapter 1. The Professional Responsibility of Community Corrections Officers
Chapter 2. Beyond Law Enforcement and Social Work: Achieving Balanced and Integrated Supervision
Chapter 3. CCOs and Their Relationship With the Community
Chapter 4. Working Within Community Corrections Agencies
Chapter 5. Expanding the Expertise of Community Corrections Officers: Embracing Evidence-Based Practice
Chapter 6. Community Corrections Officers and Interagency Collaboration
Chapter 7. Conclusion: Investing in Community Corrections Officers as Street-Level Boundary Spanners

Faith E. Lutze

Faith E. Lutze (Ph.D., Administration of Justice, Pennsylvania State University; M.A., Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Washington State University. Her current research interests include drug courts, the professional role of community corrections officers, offender adjustment to community corrections supervision, and gender and justice with an emphasis on masculinity in prisons. She teaches criminal justice courses on corrections, violence toward women, ethics, and gender and justice. Dr. Lutze has published her research on boot camp prisons,... More About Author

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