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Principles and Practices of Quality Assurance

Principles and Practices of Quality Assurance
A guide for internal and external quality assurers in the FE and Skills Sector

First Edition

September 2016 | 200 pages | Learning Matters

This is a core text for anyone training to be (or working as) an internal or external quality assurer in the further education and skills sector. It has all the information you need to work towards the quality assurance units for qualifications such as: The Certificate and Diploma in Education and Training, or the quality assurance units of the Learning and Development (TAQA) qualification.

The book takes you through all the information you need to know, opening up the topic for learning in an easily accessible way. Interactive activities are included throughout, and real examples of quality assurance in practice are included. The book also includes examples of completed internal and external quality assurance documents.

It is a comprehensive text, covering:

·         principles of internal and external quality assurance

·         planning quality assurance activities

·         carrying out quality assurance activities

·         risk management

·         making decisions and  providing feedback

·         record keeping

·         evaluating practice

·         the role and use of technology

·         planning, allocating and monitoring the work of others

This is your guide to understanding how to use internal quality assurance activities effectively with assessors, and external quality assurance activities with centre staff.

Principles of internal quality assurance
Practices of internal quality assurance
Principles of external quality assurance
Practices of external quality assurance
Planning, allocating and monitoring the work of others

this had help with my CPD

Mrs sheryal wernham
Vocational Education, Swindon College
October 8, 2018

A well designed guide which informs towards the process of quality assurance. Very supportive guide for trainees wishing to complete qualifications in this area. Comprehensive in topics covered and identifies with examples and activities to support both learning and delivery.

Mrs Victoria Lappin
School of Teaching and Learning, Gateshead College
May 31, 2017

Excellent resource for IQA and EQA, very relevant and updated information, highly recommended for practitioners of TAQA

Mrs Diane Elizabeth Myers
Education, City of Sunderland College
October 11, 2016

Ann Gravells

Ann has been teaching, assessing and quality assuring in the further education and skills sector since 1983. She is a director of her own company Ann Gravells Ltd, an educational consultancy based in East Yorkshire. She specialises in teaching, training, assessment and quality assurance. Ann holds a Masters in Educational Management, a PGCE, a Degree in Education, and a Medal of Excellence for teaching. She is a Fellow of the Society for Education and Training, and holds QTLS status.Ann has been writing textbooks since 2006 which are mainly based on her own experiences as a teacher and the subsequent education of trainee teachers. She aims... More About Author

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