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Primary Science: Knowledge and Understanding

Primary Science: Knowledge and Understanding

Eighth Edition (Revised and Updated Edition)
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June 2017 | 288 pages | Learning Matters
Now with online resources to support subject knowledge!

Secure subject knowledge and understanding is the foundation of confident, creative, and effective teaching. To help your students master this, the Eighth Edition of this established text now comes with a range of online resources available on the new companion website including:
  • A comprehensive science subject knowledge audit
  • Reflective self-assessment questions per chapter
  • A science subject knowledge checklist
  • Useful web links for primary science teaching
You can use the science subject knowledge audit to assess your trainees’ progress and ensure they better understand their level of knowledge. Grading students' overall performance, highlighting areas for improvement linked to relevant chapter reading, and the ability to share results with their lecturer makes this the ideal science subject assessment tool.

This Eighth Edition, covering the whole curriculum for primary science, has also been updated to include more on why science matters in primary schools and new content on "States of matter," "Rocks and soils," and the "Theory of Evolution." New interactive activities are included to engage students in their learning and enable discussion. Using this book in conjunction with the free online resources really makes this the complete package for developing science subject knowledge. 
Working scientifically
Functioning of organisms: green plants
Functioning of organisms: animals including humans
Evolution and inheritance
Living things and their habitats
Changes of materials
Rocks, soils and fossils
Forces and magnets
Earth and space

This updated version covers the new developments of the National Curriculum (2013) and offers good support and development for primary science teachers. The core knowledge is essential and whilst PG students will have a GCSE it may be a while. This compendium offers both knowledge and thoughts and ideas for teaching, A very useful core book for the core subject of science.

Mr Paul Hopkins
Centre for Educational Studies, Hull University
April 15, 2017

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Graham A Peacock

Graham Peacock is Principal Lecturer in Education at Sheffield Hallam University. He has taught children across the primary and secondary age ranges. More About Author

John Sharp

John Sharp is Professor of Higher Education and Head of the Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute (LHERI) at the University of Lincoln. More About Author

Rob Johnsey

Rob Johnsey, formerly a primary school teacher, lectured in primary science in the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick for several years. More About Author

Debbie Wright

Debbie Wright is the BEd (Primary) Programme Director at Rolle School of Education, University of Plymouth. She has extensive experience of primary teaching, and of lecturing in primary science education. More About Author

Keira Sewell

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