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Primary Professional Studies

Primary Professional Studies

Third Edition
Edited by:

August 2015 | 344 pages | Learning Matters

Primary teacher training is challenging.  Trainees must be prepared to consider teaching in innovative ways, while remaining focussed on the unchanging requirements of children’s learning. The third edition of this popular core book supports trainee teachers working towards primary QTS taking account of the diverse aspects of primary professional studies.

Mapped to the Teachers' Standards and the new National Curriculum, this text designed specifically for the primary professional studies module.  It begins with an exploration of the curriculum reviewing recent changes together with the new National Curriculum as well as taking a wider view of curriculum design and delivery.  The text moves on to look at 'The Developing Child' encouraging students to home in on child-centred teaching and learning and explores the needs and learning journeys of all children. 'The Developing Teacher' section outlines and highlights the professional role of the teacher and helps trainees to consider the kind of teachers they want to be.  Finally, the text covers essential 'Teaching Skills', offering trainees friendly and accessible advice on planning, assessments and behaviour management.

Exploring key issues in current  teaching and learning such as  inclusion, safeguarding and the wider school community explore, this third edition also includes new chapters on children's learning in the early years and children's voice enhancing the text's child-centred focus.  Also included is a completely new chapter on managing your teaching environment to help trainees consider the small things about everyday teaching that can really make a difference in the classroom.
A comprehensive guide offering in-depth coverage of all aspects of teaching and learning, together with practical teaching suggestions.

Section 1 The curriculum
Alice Hansen
1. Transforming teaching and learning
Adrian Copping
2. Curriculum approaches
Sally Neaum and Rebecca Walters
3. The Early Years Foundation Stage
Section 2 The developing child
Denis Hayes
4. Child-centred teaching and learning
Jonathan Glazzard
5. Including all learners
Mary Briggs
6. Transitions and progression
David Morris
7. Children’s voice
Section 3 The developing teacher
Tony Ewens
8. Teaching as a profession
Denis Hayes
9. Establishing your own teaching identity
Pat Macpherson
10. Safeguarding children
Tony Ewens
11. The school community: being part of a wider professional environment
Sandra Eady and Cathryn Hardy
12. Personal professional development
Section 4 Teaching skills
Mary Briggs
13. Assessment
Mary Briggs
14. Planning
Kate Adams
15. Managing behaviour for learning
Jonathan Leeming
16. Managing the classroom environment

An easily understood text that describes the main concepts of professional practice for the student teacher.

Ms Denise Elliott
Education Studies , Stranmillis University College
November 17, 2016

This text will become part of our recommended reading for the Professional Studies Programme next year. It is a good introduction to key ideas in Primary Professional Studies. The contributions from many different educationalists are valuable, as are the references to case studies and to further reading.

Mrs Miriam Catherine Jones
Sch of Education & Lifelong Learning, University of East Anglia
October 13, 2016

This is our core text for a reason. It is a strong, easy to read text that supports PS for PGS.

Mrs Jane Scholey
School of Education, Oxford Brookes University
May 12, 2016

A well written book which givens a very good overview of what teaching and learning is all about nowadays.

Dr Colin Howard
St John's Campus, University of Worcester
March 23, 2016

Very useful and insightful text for students undertaking Initial Teacher Training, to develop professional practice in schools.

Dr Tracy Whatmore
School of Education, University of Birmingham
February 24, 2016

A very useful resource which students can dip into for a variety of topics pertinent to their programme of study

Mrs Ruth Livingstone
Education , Macclesfield College
February 10, 2016

This is a very good book for instant access to information for students who are just starting their training. the activities are clearly set out so as to generate discussion and the sections on the 'Research Focus' are ideal particularly with regard for students who's first degrees are not literacy based. There is a particularly good section on a 'potted history of education'. I recommend this book for students who are having problems with their writing and subject knowledge.

Roger Tapley
Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University
September 10, 2015

A useful and informative book for trainee teachers.

Mrs Davina Balls
Teacher Training, Great Yarmouth College
September 4, 2015

Great text for the effective delivery of Professional studies for teachers in training and beyond.

Education, London Metropolitan University
September 2, 2015

An excellent updated text book that supports our primary trainees throughout their undergraduate course.

Ms Lis Bundock
Education, University of Brighton
August 21, 2015
Key features
Helps trainees feel confident in approaching work as a teacher, fully aware of what it involved and their professional responsibilities

New chapter covering children's learning in the early years so students gain whole picture and how the EYFS fits with the national curriculum

Up to date information on the standards and how they relate to professional studies

New chapter on learning environment gives really practical advice on everyday teaching

New chapters on:
Children's learning in the early years
Children's voice
Managing your teaching environment

Updated information on the curriculum and standards
Fully revised and re-written chapter on continuing professional development

Alice Hansen

Alice Hansen is the Director of Children Count Ltd where she is educational consultant. Her work includes running professional development courses and events for teachers and teacher trainers, research and publishing. Alice has worked in education in England and abroad. Prior to her current work she was a primary mathematics tutor and the programme leader for a full-time primary PGCE programme at a large university in England. More About Author

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