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Primary Professional Studies

Primary Professional Studies

Second Edition
Edited by:

264 pages | Learning Matters
The changing landscape of primary teaching requires trainees to consider learning and teaching in new ways. This new book supports trainee teachers working towards primary QTS in all aspects of primary professional studies. Exploring the curriculum, the developing child, the developing teacher and teaching skills, the text offers in-depth coverage of all aspects of teaching and learning alongside practical teaching suggestions. Chapters on inclusion, teacher identity and the wider school community consider key issues in teaching and learning today. This Second Edition is newly linked to the 2012 Teachers' Standards and includes notes on the new National Curriculum.

Key Features
  • Coverage of all aspects of primary professional studies incorporating the latest thinking
  • All chapters are linked to the 2012 Teachers' Standards
  • Interactive activities and case studies link theory and practice
  • Content reflects an inclusive and integrated approach
Section One: The Curriculum
Alice Hansen
- Transforming Teaching and Learning
Adrian Copping
- Curriculum Approaches
Section Two: The Developing Child
Denis Hayes
- Child-Centered Teaching and Learning
Jonathan Glazzard
- Including all Learners
Mary Briggs
- Transitions and Progression
Section 3: The Developing Teacher
Tony Ewens
- Teaching as a Profession
Denis Hayes
- Establishing your Own Teaching Identity
Pat Macpherson
- Safeguarding Children
Tony Ewens
- The School Community: Being Part of a Wider Professional Environment
Sandra Eady
- Personal Professional Development
Section 4: Teaching Skills
Mary Briggs
- Assessment
Mary Briggs
- Planning
Kate Adams
- Managing Behaviour for Learning

There is value in this textbook for early career teachers working all over the UK despite the emphasis on the English system. For the most part, the authors, all experienced teacher educators, have clearly understood the experience of student and trainee teachers and produced a book which underlines the importance of teacher values, research-based practice and continuous professional development.

Susan McWhirr
Scottish Educational Review

Covers all key areas clearly

Mrs Kate Reeves
Education, Devon Primary SCITT
April 26, 2014

Very good range of topics covered in a detailed level. Relevant for all ITE students.

Dr Scott Buckler
Institute of Education, Worcester Univ.
February 17, 2014

An essential text for student teachers.

Miss Rebecca Matthews
Education , St Mary's College
January 20, 2014

Interesting chapters, will use more for PGCE than undergraduates.

Ms Sarah Earle
Department of Primary Education, Bath Spa University
November 4, 2013

Great for Curriculum Activities module

Mrs Louise Webber
Health Care and Puble Services, Exeter College
September 23, 2013

Essential reading.

Mrs Alison Silby
School of Sport and Education, Brunel University
July 20, 2013

Adopted as an essential reading source

Dr Mario Moya
Department of Primary Education, Bedfordshire University
July 9, 2013

An updating of previous editions on the students' recommended book list.

Andy Smith
School of Education (Park Campus), Northampton University
May 17, 2013

The link to the Teachers' Standards (2012) is very useful. It gives a clear and concise overview of the topics covered within Professional Studies and how it relates to the standards. References at the end of the chapter allows for further reading.

Mrs Suzanne Strawford
Education Department, Newman University College
April 29, 2013

Alice Hansen

Alice Hansen is the Director of Children Count Ltd where she is educational consultant. Her work includes running professional development courses and events for teachers and teacher trainers, research and publishing. Alice has worked in education in England and abroad. Prior to her current work she was a primary mathematics tutor and the programme leader for a full-time primary PGCE programme at a large university in England. More About Author

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