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Primary English Reflective Reader

Primary English Reflective Reader

First Edition

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Elementary English

September 2005 | 128 pages | Learning Matters
This Reflective Reader contains extracts from books, journals and current research that have been chosen to stimulate trainee teachers' thinking about teaching English. It sets challenges about the daily work of teaching children to become literate, and creates a framework within which teachers will learn to become reflective practitioners.
Learning a literacy
Preparing for literacy teaching and learning
Teaching reading
Speaking and listening
Some perspectives on assessment
The language arts

Useful wider reading.

Mr Antony Quinlan
School of Education, Hertfordshire University
February 25, 2014

Andrew Lambirth

Andrew Lambirth is Professor of Education in The Faculty of Education and Health at The University of Greenwich. Before joining Higher Education, he was a Primary School teacher in Peckham and Bermondsey in South East London. Andrew has published widely in the field of the teaching of Literacy and English including: Primary English (2005, Learning Matters), Creativity and Writing: Developing Voice and Verve in the Classroom (2005, Routledge) with Grainger and Goouch. Understanding Reading and the Teaching of Phonics: Critical Perspectives (2007, Open University) Literacy on the Left: Reform and Revolution (2007 Bloomsbury); Making... More About Author

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