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Primary Care Management

Primary Care Management
Cases and Discussions

Edited by:
  • Goutham Rao - University Hospital Case Medical Center (Cleveland, OH)

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Clinical Medicine

November 1998 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Through the use of case studies the contributors to this book introduce the practice of primary care medicine. A wide variety of patients and their problems are explored: from involuntary weight loss and Type II diabetes to infantile diarrhoea, early HIV infection and acute lower back pain. The cases are presented through a process of gradual disclosure, each narrative section followed by thought-provoking questions and discussions of the latest relevant research findings.
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Joseph Drumdonald
Evaluation of Involuntary Weight Loss
Raffi Olefsky
Enza Ianonne
Dizziness and Falls
Shannon Stapleton
William Hodge
Type II Diabetes
Nigel Waugh
Stewart Ross
Outpatient Management of Heart Failure
Roger Edstrom
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Francine St George
Infantile Diarrhea
Lindsay Clarke
Failure To Thrive, or Growth Deficiency
Liane Webber
Management of Asthma
Liane Webber
Smoking Cessation
Adam Moore
Management of Early HIV Infection
Esmerelda Gutierez
Thomas Ishigawa
Acute Low Back Pain

Goutham Rao

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