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Life beyond Stereotyped Pakistani Women: A book released on the Pakistani women and their political participation

March 28, 2018

25 January 2018: We Are All Revolutionaries Here by Aneela Zeb Babar, was released in the presence of Ms Natasha Badhwar, Columnist, The Mint Lounge, Prof Rita Manchanda, Research Director, South Asia Forum for Human Rights, Delhi and Ms Devapriya Roy, Author of The Heat and Dust Project at an event held in New Delhi. The release was followed by a panel discussion and fireside chat ‘Author in Conversation’ with Ms Rama Lakshmi, Editor, Opinion & Social Media, The Print on the book.

During the panel discussion, Prof Rita Manchanda said that, “The book helps us to understand what is happening inside Pakistan in terms of how it resonates political Islam and militants. How the hegemonic political faith has been imposed on people, especially women.

Ms Devapriya Roy, while sharing her experience stated that, “I found this book so interesting and intense that I took it to my classroom to teach my students critical thinking on the subject. While it is a rigorous and muscular work of research, the book situates critical thinking at fertile spot, usually missed by the academicians while teaching and writing about Pakistan and its women."

Babar release

Release of “We are All Revolutionaries Here” by Aneela Zeb Babar in the presence of Ms Natasha BadhwarColumnist, The Mint Lounge, Ms Devapriya RoyAuthor of ‘The Heat and Dust Project’Ms Rama Lakshmi, Editor, Opinion & Social Media, The Print and Prof Rita Manchanda,Research Director, South Asia Forum for Human Rights, Delhi at an event held in New Delhi.


She also added that, “This book has the author’s preserved voice, telling us anecdotes within anecdotes of Muslim women, militarism and political Islam of Pakistan.

Sharing her views on the book, the author Aneela Zeb Babar said that, “The book is not here to take a moral standpoint on Pakistani women or paint them in a one-dimensional portrayal of those who suffer. It acknowledges and accommodates difference, on the transnational level as well. A difference that simultaneously operates on a social, political and theological level.

This SAGE YODA title, introduces its readers to an in-depth narrative on Pakistani women and their political participation. The path of this political participation has been traced in the book from the newly created Pakistan in 1947 with more focus on the time span of two decades between 1988 to 2008.

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