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Effect of Age and Gender on Consumer Response to Advertising Appeals

August 2, 2016

Companies are basically using two types of advertising appeals in the advertisements to communicate with the customers which are rational or informational appeal and emotional or transformational appeals. However, the effectiveness of the advertising message depends upon a number of factors such as presentation style, attractiveness of the endorsers, creative appeal, etc. Nonetheless, advertisers are very much interested in knowing how consumers process the information provided in the advertisement and how they perceive it, as it directly affects the response of the consumer.

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In this cluttered environment, advertisers are using various creative styles and appeals in their advertisements to get their brand registered in the minds of consumers. Advertisers are seeking greater communication effectiveness; and demographic and psychological differences amongst individuals are becoming essential criteria in the design of advertising appeals. An article from the journal Paradigm, attempts to investigate the effect of rational and emotional advertising appeals on response of consumers and to explore the influence of demographic variables on consumer responses to advertising appeals, namely rational appeals and emotional appeals.

Individual differences in affective reactivity play an influential role in determining the persuasive impact of advertising messages. Along with age, one of the significant variables that may affect response of consumers to advertisements is gender. It is often argued that male and female brains work differently and, therefore, their information processing styles are also different. Males tend to be selective processors of information and use heuristics cues, whereas females tend to be comprehensive processors of information paying attention to all the information, and hence, their response to advertising messages ought to be different.

As companies spend large amount of money on advertising, which is one of the most important and visible marketing tools and as these advertisements are targeted at both the genders of different age groups, companies should majorly focus on formulating creative strategy and deciding on what to present in the advertisement and which appeal to use in order to make advertisements more effective.

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