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Each one of us, in every area of our life, has an almost certain, probable, default future. But is this future acceptable?

May 27, 2016

With life expectancy increasing dramatically throughout the world, people have to make choices keeping future in mind, than they ever had to before. In a newly published book “Declaring Breakdowns” by SAGE Publications, author Sameer Dua provides a simple 6-step framework to actively create a future of one’s choice.

Book Cover

Human are most times blind to how and when a certain order gets formed and then we don’t even question this order. At a lot of times, this order works for us. And at many other occasions, we simply continue to operate in this programmed mode without questioning this order. And the present order of our daily life leads to an almost certain, probable, default future.

The author says that getting aware of this default future and creating a new future of your choice requires a several generative leadership distinctions which, when practiced, have the potential of having a significant positive impact on performance.

This book provides a refreshing take on the term “breakdown”. And it introduces the Declaring breakdown is a conversational move for the leadership and is an effective way of creating breakthroughs every day for the sake of creating a future of choice.

Grab your copy today if you are looking to actively create a better future for yourself, a future of your choice.


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