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Practising Existential Psychotherapy

Practising Existential Psychotherapy
The Relational World

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Existential psychotherapy has emerged as an approach that is distinctively different to that of the other models and systems within psychotherapy. It provides a set of significant challenges to, and critiques of, contemporary Western psychotherapy both at the level of theory and of practice. Although a substantial amount of writing that seeks to describe and delineate the theoretical underpinnings of existential psychotherapy already exists, this is not the case with texts dealing with the application of theory in the form of practice.

This new text by Ernesto Spinelli examines the unique qualities and possibilities of an existential approach to psychotherapy. Drawn from his own experience as an internationally recognized theorist, lecturer and practitioner, its overall aim is to provide a thorough and accessible explication of existential psychotherapy in practice.

Beginning with an overview of the theoretical underpinnings and distinguishing features of existential psychotherapy, the text describes and develops a three-phase structural model for its practice. As well as describing the key components of each phase, the text provides descriptive examples and topic-focused exercises designed to assist readers in developing their own practice-based understanding of existential psychotherapy.
The Philosophical Foundations of Existential Psychotherapy
The Worldview
General Theoretical Assumptions Underpinning Existential Psychotherapy
An Introduction to the Structural Model
Phase One
Co-creating the Therapy World

Phase Two
Exploring the Therapy World

Phase Three
Closing Down the Therapy World

Existential Psychotherapy with Couples and Groups


A valuable contribution by a leading existential author. The experiential exercises and ideas on practice were most useful and I will be making use of this text to facilitate reflective learning on our undergraduate course.

Ms Diana Thomas
HALS, Roehampton University
September 14, 2010

This is an excellent text - informative, insightful, authoritative - and will be on the Recommended reading for 3rd year students from September.

Ms Raje Suzanne Airey
Counselor Education , Colchester Institute
May 13, 2010

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