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Practicing Strategy

Practicing Strategy
Text and cases

Second Edition
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April 2016 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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Shortlisted for the 2013 Chartered Management Institute textbook award

Practicing Strategy broke new ground when it first published by focusing on the strategy-as-practice approach, which considers strategy not only as something an organisation has but something which its members do.

The new edition deals with a selection of topics that have been central in recent academic debates in the strategy-as-practice area and includes

  • 7 New chapters on topics such as Chief Executive Officers, Middle Managers, Strategic Alignment and Strategic Ambidexterity in line with developments in the field
  • New case studies throughout including Narayana health, the turnaround of Reliant group and relocating a business school
  • Tutor and student access to online resources inlcude additional readings, an Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint slides, author podcasts and videos.
Aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students taking advanced strategy modules and practitioners alike.
Chapter 1: Practicing Strategy: Foundations and Importance
Chapter 2: Chief Executive Officers
Chapter 3: Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs)
Chapter 4: Strategy Teams
Chapter 5: Middle Managers
Chapter 6: Strategy Consultants
Chapter 7: Strategy Tools
Chapter 8: Influencing Strategy through Discourse
Chapter 9: Strategic Alignment: The ESCO Model
Chapter 10: Practicing Strategy across Firms: Insights from M&As
Chapter 11: Strategic Ambidexterity: Dealing with Tensions
Chapter 12: Teaching Strategy using the Strategy-as-Practice approach
Chapter 13: Strategic Leadership and Innovation at Apple Inc.
Chapter 14: Centrica - Strategizing in Multi-Utility
Chapter 15: Narayana Health: Bringing Quality Healthcare to the Masses
Chapter 16: A "Reliable" Recovery?
Chapter 17: Marconi - When Strategists Hit the Perfect Storm
Chapter 18: Lafarge vs. Blue Circle: Practices in a Hostile Takeover
Chapter 19: Room for Improvement? Relocating a Business School
Chapter 20: Strategy-making 2.0: Strategy Development Process at the Wikimedia Foundation


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For Lecturers

  • Instructor's Manual
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Additional Chapter Summaries

For Students 

  • Author videos
  • SAGE journal articles
  • Additional Chapter Summaries

This is a first: an academically rigorous textbook on the practicalities of strategizing. It will be a vital resource to all teachers and students interested in Strategy-as-Practice. 

Richard Wittington, Professor of Strategy and Millmann Fellow
University of Oxford

The book provides a step-by-step introduction to Strategy-as-Practice, a discussion of its main components and several exciting case studies. I am sure that both students and teachers will find the book of great value. 

Professor David Seidl, Chair of Organization and Management
University of Zurich

This is an outstanding strategy text that takes strategists and their work seriously. Students, practitioners and scholars who seek to understand the micro-levels of strategy including practitioners, practices and praxis will find this invaluable reading. 

Patrick Regner, Professor of Strategic Management
Stockholm School of Economics

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1 - Practicing Strategy: Foundations and Importance

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Sotirios Paroutis

Sotirios Paroutis is Professor of Strategic Management and Head of the Strategy and International Business Group at the Warwick Business School. His research interests lie at the intersections of strategy practices and processes in complex organizational settings in the UK and globally. He uses qualitative and quantitative methods to examine the discursive, cognitive and visual activities organizational actors employ when dealing with strategic tensions.  More About Author

Loizos Heracleous

Loizos Heracleous is a Professor of Strategy and Organization at Warwick Business School. He earned his PhD from the University of Cambridge. His research has been published in leading journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, MIS Quarterly, Harvard Business Review, and MIT Sloan Management Review. He researches strategic change processes, organization development, organizational discourse, corporate governance, and other related areas. More information can be found at Loizos can be reached at More About Author

Duncan Angwin

Duncan Angwin is the Sir Roland Smith Professor in Strategic Management at Lancaster University. He earned his PhD from the University of Warwick. He researches strategic practices in M&A and has recently completed a major EU-funded research project on European M&A. He holds a major research award at Said Business School, Oxford University, to study M&A communications practices. Duncan sits on the Advisory Boards of the M&A research centre, Cass Business School and a Grand Ecole business school, Paris and is senior judge for the Management Consulting Association. Duncan has published eight books and fifty journal... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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