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Practical Newspaper Reporting

Practical Newspaper Reporting

Fourth Edition

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September 2012 | 224 pages | SAGE South Asia
Now in its fourth edition, this classic textbook has grown up alongside the newspaper industry. Today it provides students of newspaper journalism with a toolkit for gathering news and filling ever-increasing space with first-rate copy for print and online.

Detailed and down-to-earth, this book delivers:

- Guidance on news gathering, from government and business to sport and religion.
- Tutorials in news writing, drawing on over 300 examples that have appeared in print, discussing why they work or how they could have been better.
- A how-to on feature writing, including profiles, comment, leading articles, obituaries and reviews.
- Specific chapters on ethical reporting and the possibilities and pitfalls of investigative journalism.
- A review of the new financial realities that the internet is imposing on the media.

Informed by over half a century`s professional experience and fully revised to give a nuanced account of the skills required in today’s news environment, this book is an essential companion for your journalism degree and beyond.
News and How to Find It
Pursuing News: What Do I Need to Know?
Newswriting: What Am I Trying to Say?
Newswriting: Choosing the Words
Newswriting: Getting the Words in Order
Newswriting for the Internet
Reporting the Courts
Government and the Media
Reporting Business
Investigative Reporting
Features: Illuminating the world
Religion and Diversity
Ethics: What You Write Could Get Someone Killed

David Spark's down to earth advice on the essentials of reporting is distilled from a lifetime of experience but as fresh and practical as if he were at your elbow in the newsroom. His newcomers' guide to the web as a tool for reporting is especially useful

Sir Harold Evans
former Editor of The Sunday Times

To those who may think that formal journalism is a dying art this book offers a splendid rejoinder. It is for all those who purport to write that others may read.

Sir Simon Jenkins
Guardian columnist and former Editor of The Times

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David B Spark

David Spark is a veteran tech journalist and founder of Spark Media Solutions, a brand journalism firm that helps its clients be seen as leading voices in their field through brand-quality media production.  More About Author

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