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Post-Mandal Politics in Bihar

Post-Mandal Politics in Bihar
Changing Electoral Patterns

First Edition
  • Sanjay Kumar - Director, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), New Delhi

March 2018 | 284 pages | SAGE India

Bihar is politically one of the most significant states of India, with many politicians from this region being prominent in national politics. Post-Mandal Politics in Bihar presents a detailed account of Bihar’s electoral politics from the 1990s right up to the recent breakup of the RJD–JD(U)–Congress Grand Alliance. The book also traces the social and economic history of Bihar and the underlying reasons for its fragmented, caste-driven, and religion-driven politics. Additionally, it covers governance, leadership, and development, which are crucial factors in ensuring growth and prosperity of this state.

This is the first book in the SAGE Series on Politics in Indian States, which comprises volumes covering important trends in the politics of major states of India. It focuses on the electoral performance of various parties in the state and the changes party alliances have undergone. 

Preface and Acknowledgments
Social and Economic History of Bihar
Electoral History of Bihar
Emergence of OBC Politics: Elections During 1990–95
Beginning of a Phase of New Political Alliances: Elections During 1996–99
Re-emergence of RJD: Elections of 2000
Change of Guard: Elections of 2005
Consolidation of Power by JD(U)-BJP Alliance: Elections of 2010
The Question of Development or Identity: Elections During 2014–15

The book focusses on electoral performance of parties and the changes alliances have undergone after Mandal.

Business Line, 16 April 2018

Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar is Professor and Director of Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) since 2014. His core area of research is electoral politics, but he has also been engaged in research on Indian youth, state of democracy, and slums of Delhi. He has directed several national-level studies, most important being the series of National Election Study (NES) conducted by Lokniti–CSDS since 1996. Earlier, he had authored Changing Electoral Politics in Delhi: From Caste to Class; co-authored (with Peter Ronald de Souza and Sandeep Shastri) Indian Youth in a Transforming World: Attitudes and Perceptions; edited Indian Youth and Electoral... More About Author

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