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Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology
The Scientific and Practical Explorations of Human Strengths

Fourth Edition
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September 2021 | 676 pages | SAGE Texts
A comprehensive introduction to positive psychology that brings the theories to life through real-world applications.

This new edition of Positive Psychology is a perfect introduction to the growing field of positive psychology. Divided into eight distinct parts, the book guides the students through the subject gradually, while engaging them at every step of the way. It teaches positive psychology through an approach that integrates both Western and Eastern thoughts to give students an idea of the wide reach and implications of the field. The book presents cognitive, emotional, and social issues in the context of positive psychology. It shows how psychological theories can be used to improve education, workplaces, and daily life. Updated with the latest research in the field, this book is an indispensable manual for students of psychology. 

Key Features:

• Detailed discussion of culture as a factor to help students contextualize the subject 

• New research and new models on using positive psychology to deal with the effects of racism and discrimination

• In-depth and extensive coverage of neurological findings and their relationship with the subject

• Examples of the use of mindfulness and meditation for a large variety of people
Remembering Shane J. Lopez
PART I Looking At Psychology From A Positive Perspective
Welcome to Positive Psychology
Eastern and Western Perspectives on Positive Psychology: How “ME + WE = US” Might Bridge the Gap
Classifications and Measures of Strengths and Positive Outcomes
PART II Positive Psychology in Context
The Role of Culture in Developing Strengths and Living Well
Living Well at Every Stage of Life
PART III Positive Emotional States and Processes
The Principles of Pleasure: Understanding Positive Affect, Positive Emotions, Happiness, and Well-Being
Making the Most of Emotional Experiences: Emotion-Focused Coping, Emotional Intelligence, Socioemotional Selectivity, and Emotional Storytelling
PART IV Positive Cognitive States and Processes
Seeing Our Futures Through Self-Efficacy, Optimism, and Hope
Wisdom and Courage: Characteristics of the Wise and the Brave
Mindfulness, Flow, and Spirituality: In Search of Optimal Experiences
PART V Prosocial Behavior
Empathy and Egotism: Portals to Altruism and Gratitude
Attachment, Love, Flourishing Relationships, and Forgiveness
PART VI Understanding and Changing Human Behavior
Balanced Conceptualizations of Mental Health and Behavior
Preventing the Bad and Promoting the Good
PART VII Positive Environments
Positive Schooling and Good Work: The Psychology of Gainful Employment and the Education That Gets Us There
PART VIII Finding Strengths In Others: Embodying Strengths In Everyday Life
Remembering Shane: Real Strengths in a Real Person
Glossary of Key Terms
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Shane J. Lopez

Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D. is a Gallup Senior Scientist and Research Director of the Clifton Strengths Institute. Dr. Lopez has published more than 100 articles and chapters and 10 books in addition to Positive Psychology: The Scientific and Practical Explorations of Human Strengths. These include Making Hope Happen, his first trade book; The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology (with C.R. Snyder); Positive Psychological Assessment: A Handbook of Models and Measures (with C.R. Snyder); Positive Psychology: Exploring the Best in People; The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology; and The Psychology of Courage: Modern Research on an... More About Author

Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti

Dr. Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti received her doctoral and master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas and bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and English from the University of California at Davis. She is currently Associate Dean for Diversity and Curriculum in the College of Liberal Arts and Professor in the Department of Psychology and Child Development at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Dr. Teramoto Pedrotti taught multicultural psychology, intergroup dialogues, and other areas of psychology for over fifteen years. Her research areas of specialty include the effectiveness of intergroup... More About Author

C. R. Snyder

C. R. Snyder, Ph.D. (deceased) was the Wright Distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. Internationally known for his work at the interface of clinical, social, personality, and health psychology, his theories have pertained to how people react to personal feedback, the human need for uniqueness, the ubiquitous drive to excuse transgressions and, most recently, the hope motive. He received 31 research awards and 27 teaching awards at the university, state, and national levels. In 2005, he received an honorary doctorate from Indiana Wesleyan University.   Snyder has appeared many times... More About Author

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