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Population Matters

Population Matters
The Local Dimension

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June 1993 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The purpose of this book is to examine the scale and significance of the local dimensions of these developments and the implications for central government complementing the existing literature, which focuses almost entirely on the overall national picture. It contains a set of ten original studies which demonstrate the existence of marked geographical variations in population profiles and trends and highlight the main implications and responses. The focus is primarily on those policy areas where there needs to be a local-scale mechanism for decision-making and implementation, such as education, labour recruitment, housebuilding needs, social services and health care.
Tony Champion
Key Population Developments and their Local Impacts

Keith Dugmore
Population Pyramids and Shifting Sands
Targeting Future Investments to Give the Changing British Public Their Just Deserts

Allan Findlay and Robert Rogerson
Migration, Places and Quality of Life
People Voting With Their Feet?

Robert J. Bennett and Gunther Krebs
The Demographic Component of Local Government Finance
Impacts On Resources, Needs and Budgets

Michael Bradford
Population Change and Education: Schools Rolls and Rationalisation Before and After the 1988 Education Reform Act
Anne Green and David Owen
Fall-Out from the Demographic Time-Bomb
A Spatial Perspective On the Labour Force Effects of the “Baby-Bust”

Dave King
Demography and House-Building Needs
A Critique of the “Demographic Bulldozer” Scenario

Anne Corden and Ken Wright
Going Into a Home
Where Can an Elderly Person Choose?

John Mahon
Healthy Indications? Applications of Census Data In Health Care Planning
Vaughan Robinson
Making Waves? The Contribution of Ethnic Minorities to Local Demography

`This book will provide useful background reading for sixth form teachers, and individual chapters may be of specific interest to sixth formers.... suitable for undergraduates with demographic,

geographical or planning interests' - Geography

`Very readable, thought provoking and highly topical addition to the urban and regional planning literature. It has much to offer both the sixth former and introductory level undergraduate as well as the more seasoned researcher and practitioner' - Town Planning Review

Tony Champion

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