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Popular Music, Gender and Postmodernism

Popular Music, Gender and Postmodernism
Anger Is an Energy

March 1997 | 235 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The migration of cynical academic ideas about postmodernism into music journalism are traced in this book. The result of this migration is a widespread fatalism over the ability of the music industry to absorb any expression of defiance in popular music.

The book synthesizes a number of fields: American and British academic and journalistic music criticism; aesthetic and literary history and theory from romanticism through postmodernism; alternative music such as feminist punk and grunge; political economy, which has fueled the obsession with commercial incorporation; and subcultural sociology.

No Respect for Suffering: An Introduction to Postmodernism
The Vicious History of Aesthetics
Romanticism, Modernism and Postmodernism on Mass Culture and Ressentiment


Collaborating with the Oppressors
Postmodern Academics on Music

Kurt Cobain Died for Your Sins
Postmodernism in Music Journalism

Emotional Rescue
Feminist Philosophy on Anger

The Post-Postmodern Voice
Emotion and Writing about Music

The Riot Grrrls and Carnival

Neil Nehring

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