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Political Tolerance

Political Tolerance
Balancing Community and Diversity

288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The virtues of tolerance seem absolutely unassailable, at first glance. Yet qualified behavioural tolerance seems to have been replaced by a blank-cheque attitudinal tolerance which threatens individual liberty and stifles free speech. This argument is at the centre of this compelling book. Robert Weissberg takes a serious look at the political shifts over the past 30 years and their effect on attitudes and behaviour. What should be tolerated? Is being highly tolerant a praiseworthy virtue? Is the welcoming of differences too often merely a facade to avoid the charge of intolerance?
Tolerance Deciphered
Attitudinal Tolerance Ascendant
Tolerance Balanced
Political Diversity
Intolerance Calibrated
Achieving Political Tolerance
Propagating Tolerance

Robert Weissberg