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Political Science Today

Political Science Today

Second Edition

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Political Science (General)

August 2023 | 352 pages | CQ Press
Political Science Today by Wendy Whitman Cobb gives students a holistic view of the subfields that make up political science by dedicating one chapter to each of the topics at the core of the discipline. Unlike denser texts on the market, Political Science Today uses a field-based approach that allows students to engage with the material directly and dig into each of the discipline’s tracks while also developing critical thinking skills, discerning the differences between politics and political science, conducting and consuming research, and broadening their future career aspirations. 

The book’s innovative table of contents begins with foundational tools like theories and research methods, then builds up to subfield chapters on Comparative Politics, International Relations, American Government, Political Economy, and Public Policy and Administration.
Part I Foundations
Chapter 1: What is Political Science?
Chapter 2: Research Methods
Chapter 3: Political Theory
Part II Institutions and Behavior
Chapter 4: Constitutions, Law, and Justice
Chapter 5: Electoral and Party Systems
Chapter 6: Political Communications
Chapter 7: Social Movements and Political Change
Part III Subfields
Chapter 8: American Politics
Chapter 9: Comparative Politics
Chapter 10: International Relations
Chapter 11: Political Economy
Chapter 12: Public Policy and Public Administration


Wendy N. Whitman Cobb

Dr. Wendy N. Whitman Cobb is professor of political science at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. She earned her Ph.D. in political science from the University of Florida following undergraduate work at the University of Central Florida. Her work focuses on institutions and public policy, particularly as it concerns space exploration policy. Previous books include Unbroken Government:  Success and the Illusion of Failure in Policymaking, The Politics of Cancer:  Malignant Indifference, and The CQ Press Career Guide for Political Science Students.  More About Author

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Also available as a South Asia Edition.