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Political Handbook of the World 2010

Political Handbook of the World 2010

1 968 pages | CQ Press

More coverage, more depth—at a price you can’t beat


No other resource matches the timely, thorough, and accurate political information provided by CQ Press’s best-selling Political Handbook of the World. With more in-depth coverage of current political controversies than any other reference guide, Political Handbook of the World 2010 is the most authoritative source for finding complete facts and analysis on each country’s governmental and political makeup. Featuring 200 entries on countries and territories throughout the world, this volume is renowned for its extensive coverage of all major and minor political parties and groups in each political system. It also provides names of key ambassadors and international memberships of each country, plus detailed profiles of more than 120 intergovernmental organizations and UN agencies.


This comprehensive, one-volume source for political information has been updated to include coverage of:

  • The Japanese “earthquake” elections, in which the opposition Democratic Party of

Japan defeated the ruling coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito


  • The reelection of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the street protests

that followed in Tehran

  • The assassination of Guinea-Bissau President Joao Bernardo Vieria and subsequent election of Malam Bacai Sanha
  • The election of Johanna Sigurdardottir, Iceland’s first female Prime Minister
  • The standoff between ousted Honduran President Mel Zelaya and de facto leader,

Roberto Micheletti

  • The German election of Angela Merkel as chancellor and formation of a new centerright government after the defeat of the Social Democratic Party


Key Features

  • Presents the annual activity for more than 70 intergovernmental organizations
  • Captures recent changes in national political regimes
  • Profiles the current issues and controversies for all the nations of the world

Arthur Banks

Thomas Muller

William Overstreet

Judith F. Isacoff

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