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Polish Your Academic Writing

Polish Your Academic Writing

October 2019 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Struggling to find your academic voice? Polish Your Academic Writing gives you the advice and skills you need to write appropriately and impactfully and get the best grades in your assignments.

  • Effectively make your point and answer the assigned question
  • Build a solid and logical writing structure
  • Perfect your paragraphs and make your sentences flow.

Super Quick Skills provide the essential building blocks you need to succeed at university - fast. Packed with practical, positive advice on core academic and life skills, you’ll discover focused tips and strategies to use straight away. Whether it’s writing great essays, understanding referencing or managing your wellbeing, find out how to build good habits and progress your skills throughout your studies.

  • Learn core skills quickly
  • Apply right away and see results
  • Succeed in your studies and life.

Super Quick Skills give you the foundations you need to confidently navigate the ups and downs of university life.

How do I make my point clear?
How do I know if I’ve answered the question?
How do I structure my assignment?
What is a paragraph?
What is flow and how do I create it?
How do I know if it sounds ok?
How can I get a fresh perspective on my work?
How do I know when I’m finished polishing?

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Helen Coleman

Helen Coleman gained her first degree at Durham University in 1999, in Research and Language, Postgraduate Certificate in Research at Teesside University in 2005, Master of Science in Research, at Teesside University in 2006 and her PGCE at Glyndwr University in 2011.Helen started lecturing at the University of Chester and moved to Glyndwr University in 2010. She is currently a Senior Lecturer of Research Design, Methods and Statistics across the whole of Glyndwr University, focusing on Business, Computing, Consumer Psychology, Education, Early Childhood Practice, Childhood, Education and Welfare, Nursing, Equine Science and Welfare,... More About Author

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