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Development and Contemporary Practice

Second Edition (Updated Edition)

April 2021 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
A comprehensive introduction to policing in England and Wales, providing you with an in-depth understanding of the challenges and complexities of modern policing and an increased awareness of the history and development of the profession.

This second edition covers the most pressing debates and issues associated with contemporary policing and examines a range of key topics such as methods of policing, diversity and the police, police accountability, and much more. The new edition includes:
  • A new chapter on women in policing
  • Expanded content on diversity issues within the police service
  • An account of the changes to transnational policing as a result of Brexit
  • Reflections on the use of social media by police
  • Advice for those wanting to embark on a career in the field.
Written in an introductory way that is ideal for any policing, criminology, or criminal justice student new to police studies.
Chapter 1 - The Emergence and Development of Professional Policing
Chapter 2 - Police Powers
Chapter 3 - The Delivery of Policing
Chapter 4 - The Governance of The Police 1964 - 2010
Chapter 5 - From Police Authorities to Police and Crime Commissioners
Chapter 6 - The Police Service and the Criminal Justice System
Chapter 7 - The Police Service and Racial Diversity
Chapter 8 - Women in Policing
Chapter 9 - The Changing Nature of Crime after 1945
Chapter 10 - The Prevention, Investigation and Detection of Crime
Chapter 11 - The Future Direction of Policing

Praise for the previous edition:

Offers comprehensive coverage of key policing topics. It is easy to navigate and the chapters provide clear aims and objectives. The study questions at the end of each chapter provide students with a mechanism to review each chapter and consider what they have learned.
- Dr Suzanne Young, Department of Criminology, Leeds Beckett University

This book is a clearly written account of the progress of policing in the United Kingdom, a welcome and unfettered approach to the subject.
- The Criminal Lawyer

Any student new to criminology or policing will be able to develop their knowledge using this book. Joyce's style of written expression allows for an easy reading experience, without skimming on the details.
- Anna Waistnage, Grimsby Institute of HE & FE


This is a great source of information and is well laid out, so it is easy to read and flick trough, between sections. As an ex-police officer and now a teacher, I have used this to remind me of a lot of points about policing and the law and how I can teach this to the students in the classroom. I must admit that I've learnt a few things that I'd forgotten, from the book as well. Thanks

Mr Neal Killen
Education, Hopwood Hall College
July 7, 2021

Peter Joyce

Peter Joyce is Visiting Professor in Criminology at Wrexham Glyndwr University. He is widely published in Criminology and Politics, specialising in policing and the policing of protest. He served as a member of the Independent Police Ethics Committee in the Greater Manchester Police Force Area between 2014 and 2018. Published works include The Policing of Protest, Disorder and International Terrorism (Palgrave/Macmillan 2016) and Criminal Justice: An Introduction (Routledge, 2017, 3rd edition).   More About Author

Wendy Laverick

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