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Policing Places With Drug Problems

Policing Places With Drug Problems

December 1995 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
As traditional approaches to policing drug activity become increasingly ineffective, cities across the United States are developing new enforcement strategies to deal with the problem.

Lorraine Green charts the success of a programme in Oakland, California which features community involvement in the policing of areas where drug abuse is rife. An environment has been created where deviant activity is less likely to occur; working relationships have been established between the police and the public, properties cleaned up and civil codes enforced. This timely book concludes with a thoughtful discussion of the challenges facing other cities developing drug control programmes.

David L Weisburd
Places, Crimes, and Prevention Perspectives
Policing Places with Drug Problems
The SMART Approach

The SMART Program Impact
Displacement and Diffusion Effects

Lorraine A. Mazerolle

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