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Planting the Seeds of Algebra, PreK–2

Planting the Seeds of Algebra, PreK–2
Explorations for the Early Grades

February 2016 | 208 pages | Corwin
Help young minds explore algebraic conceptsThis book shows teachers how to create a strong foundation in algebra for very young children. Using in-depth math ôexplorations,ö the author unpacksùstep by stepùthe hidden connections to higher algebra. The even-numbered chapters contain elegantly simple grade-banded lessons on addition, subtraction, odd and even numbers, and patterns. In the odd-numbered chapters that follow these exemplar lessons, teachers will find:Clear explanations of algebraic connectionsSpecific strategies for teaching the key ideas of algebra, Lesson modifications for older or younger studentsAn array of similar problems, games, and lessons to try
Foreword by Jennifer Bay-Williams
About the Author
Exploration I. Addition: Beyond Just Memorizing Addition Facts
1. Making 7 - The Lesson (Grades PreK-K)
2. Behind Making 7 - Algebra Connections
3. Beyond Making 7 - More Problems to Explore
Exploration II. Subtraction: More Than Just "Take Away"
4. Sticker Stickler - The Lesson (Grades 1-2)
5. Behind Sticker Stickler - Algebra Connections
6. Beyond Sticker Stickler - More Problems to Explore
Exploration III. Patterns and Functions: What's the Connection?
7. Patterns of Cubes - The Lesson (Grade 2)
8. Behind Patterns of Cubes - Algebra Connections
9. Beyond Patterns of Cubes - More Problems to Explore
Exploration IV. Odd and Even Numbers: Beyond the Last-Digit Rule
10. Double Deckers - A Math-Night Presentation
11. Final Thoughts

"This delightful book makes it easy for even the most intimidated and mathematically challenged teachers to nurture algebraic thinking in our young children and explains convincingly why it is so important that we do so. Monica’s intimate, entertaining, informative, and inspiring accounts of her interactions with budding math students model for us precisely what we can say and do to keep our children off the computation treadmill and join them on the footpath of exploration and discovery in the quest for deeper understanding and true math fitness."

Heather Gholson, Home educator
Pass Christian, MS

"Dr. Neagoy illustrates through her examples in the classroom how algebra can be achieved by ALL when algebraic thinking is developed in the very early years. Through a variety of strategies and activities, young students construct understanding of rather complex mathematical concepts which will make the transition to a more formal course in algebra almost seamless."

Leona Penner, Mathematics Teacher
Lincoln East High School and Lux Middle School, Lincoln, NE

"Monica Neagoy provides in-depth stratagies and grade-specific approaches for building a foundation of math skills in the early grades, and is a 'must' pick for any early childhood math teacher."

Midwest Book Review, September 2012

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Forward By Jennifer Bay-Williams


Chapter 1

Monica M. Neagoy

Monica Neagoy, international consultant and popular keynote speaker, has a passion for mathematics. The facets of her 25-year mathematics career include teacher professional development, math specialist training, national/international conference speeches, live television courses, video creation and hosting, and live shows including her popular MathMagic show. Whether here or abroad, whether speaking English, French, or Spanish, Monica’s life-long goal is to infuse people with a fascination for the wonder of mathematics. Dr. Neagoy began her career teaching mathematics at Georgetown University. Later, she was a program director at the... More About Author

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