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Planning and Urban Change

Planning and Urban Change

Second Edition

320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Fully revised and thoroughly updated, the Second Edition of Planning and Urban Change provides an accessible yet richly detailed account of British urban planning.

Stephen Ward demonstrates how urban planning can be understood through three categories: ideas - urban planning history as the development of theoretical approaches: from radical and utopian beginnings, to the `new right' thinking of the 1980s, and recent interest in green thought and sustainability; policies - urban planning history as an intensely political process, the text explains the complicated relation between planning theory and political practice; and impacts - urban planning history as the divergence of expectation and outcome, each chapter shows how intended impacts have been modified by economic and social forces.

This Second Edition features an entirely new chapter on the key policy changes that have occurred under the Major and Blair governments, together with a critical review of current policy trends.

Planning and Urban Change
Ideas and the Beginning of Policy, 1890-1914
Widening Conceptions and Policy Shifts, 1914-1939
A New Orthodoxy of Planning, 1939-1952
Adjustments and New Agendas
I The Changing Planning System, 1952-1974

Adjustments and New Agendas
II Strategic Policies, 1952-1974

Remaking Planning
I The Changing System, 1974-1990

Remaking Planning
II Specific Policies, 1974-1990

A New Consensus? Planning since 1990
Planning Impacts since 1945 and the Future

An interesting overview of the subject.

Ms Emily Walsh
Dept Of Civil Engineering, Portsmouth University
March 11, 2015

The books covers in-depth overview and discussions on key planning and urban topics. A must essential and recommended book for planners especially to research students. The impact section / theme in the book is well written and covered looking at wider target groups.

Mr Aurobindo Ogra
Department of Town and Regional Planning, University of Johannesburg
April 9, 2014

This interesting and generally well-written volume traces a history of planning activity in Britain. I particularly liked the three categories deployed to understand planning: ideas, policies and impacts. However, I was slightly disappointed the author did not have more to say about contemporary planning. This may not have been his aim and this is well covered elsewhere but as my course is about the contemporary system (other colleagues cover planning history), this textbook is of less direct use to my students.

Dr Ben Clifford
Bartlett School of Planning, University College London
November 1, 2010

Stephen Ward

Stephen V. (Steve) Ward is widely known internationally for his work in the field of planning history. He is a former President of the International Planning History Society 1996-2002 and remains a member of its governing Council. He is also a former editor of the refereed journal Planning Perspectives and continues as a member of its Editorial Board. He is also an Editorial Board member of the American refereed Journal of Planning History. He has published widely on historical matters relating to planning with many books, book chapters, articles and other outputs to his name. More About Author

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