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Planned Change Theories for Nursing

Planned Change Theories for Nursing
Review, Analysis, and Implications

416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This ground-breaking book is designed to enable nurses to understand the process of planned change. It presents overviews of three widely accepted change theories as well as a new systems-orientated planned change theory, and shows the implications of the theories for nursing practice.
Planned Change Theories
Choose Well, Use Well

Fuel for Your Engine

The `High Ground'
A Problem
Says Who? (Diagnostics)

Solutions that Fit
Choose the Right Path

Action Plans To Get You There
Strategies and Tactics

Did It Work? (Evaluation)
Altering Square Pegs To Fit Round Holes
Lewins's Micro Theories
Analysis and Critique of Lewin's Micro Theories
Altering the Lewin Square Peg
Bennis, Benne and Chin's Planned Change Writings
Analysis and Critique of the Planned Change Writings of Bennis, Benne and Chin
Altering the Bennis, Benne and Chin Square Peg
The Rogers Diffusion Model
Analysis and Critique of the Rogers Diffusion Model
Altering the Diffusion Model Square Peg
Bhola's Configuration (CLER) Model
Analysis and Critique of Bhola's Configurations (CLER) Model
Altering the CLER Model Square Peg
Theoretical Underpinnings for Nursing's Planned Change Research
Planned Change Theories and Research-Based Nursing Practice

Constance H. Tiffany

Louette R. Johnson Lutjens

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