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Plan Your Research Project

Plan Your Research Project
Little Quick Fix

January 2021 | 140 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Guiding you through how to plan your research project, this Little Quick Fix covers everything from how to get started and the stages of research, to avoiding procrastination and staying on track.

Like other books in the Little Quick Fix series, this book provides a stand-in for the busy or unavailable supervisor when students are really stuck.

It features:

  • Visual, design-led learning
  • Clear, structured, useful pedagogy, with space for notes and workings out
  • A gradual, step-by-step approach for students who are less prepared or out of practice
  • Effective self-directed learning with DIY progress tracking
How do I get started with planning my project?
What does my research journey look like?
How do I avoid procrastination?
What digital tools can I use to assist me to plan?
What resources can I use to plan effectively?
Who can support me to bring my plan together?
How do I stay on track?
How can I use workbook activities to assist me on my research journey?

Kelly Trivedy

Kelly Trivedy holds a multi-faceted career in education spanning across multiple course specialisms. She is an independent Academic Consultant, Tutor and Coach with Advance HE Senior Fellow status specialising in Higher Education with a key focus on reflective practice, critical thinking and research projects. Upon completion of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), Kelly worked as an Academic Skills Coach and Lecturer for Law. She has worked in various Higher Education and Further Education settings. Kelly’s expertise in Academic Practice and Educational Development is something she offers as part of her consultancy packages. Her... More About Author