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Plain Language Summaries

In recent years, there have been calls to make scholarly articles more accessible to non-specialist audiences. Research has always helped shape the public realm, empowering people across all sectors of society to make informed decisions. Academic or topic-specific jargon can hinder the general understanding and impact of such publications, which is where Plain Language Summaries (PLS) or Plain Language Summaries of Publications (PLS-P) can be very helpful.

Plain Language Summaries (PLS) are extensions to the academic abstract of a scholarly article. They provide a clear summary of the article using non-technical language, making it accessible to a wider network of readers.

Plain Language Summaries of Publications (PLS-Ps) are full, standalone, peer-reviewed articles summarising a previously published article in approachable, non-technical language.
If you are interested in submitting a PLS-P, please get in touch with Hamish McDougall ( for more information.

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