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Personalisation in Social Work

Personalisation in Social Work

160 pages | Learning Matters

The government agenda on personalisation and self-directed support is fast-moving and rapidly changing. It is vital therefore that students and practitioners alike are aware of the key issues and debates, as well as the policy that surrounds this area of practice. This timely and fully-revised second edition provides an overview of the personalisation agenda and looks at the recent legislation in a broad historical and theoretical perspective. It considers the impact of personalisation on service users and carers and draws directly upon their experiences. There are ‘service user narratives’ within the book that explore how individuals feel about directing their own support and the social workers who support them.


This book encourages students to consider notions of choice and independence by reflecting on their own lives and experiences. It contains activities and case studies to deepen reflective and critical thinking skills and provides links to the Professional Capabilities Framework for Social Work.

Personalisation - Where Did it Come From?
Personalisation - A Value Base for Practice
Personalisation in Practice
Service User Groups and Personalisation
Service User Narrative
Safeguarding and Personalisation
Preparing for Practice and the Professional Capabilities Framework
Personalisation - A Newly Qualified Perspective

This book is an excellent guide to personaliation, offering a comprehensive and easy to read overview of the topic. I will highly recommend it to social work students at the University of Wolverhampton.

Miss Fiona Morgan
School of health and wellbeing, Wolverhampton University
September 10, 2013

As an introduction to personalisation, this book provides an essential background for students to consider.

Dr Martin Partridge
Faculty of Health , Staffordshire University
April 16, 2013

An excellent and easy to read book for the Personalisation module. Adopted as essential read.

Mrs Saajida Patel
School of Law, Justice & Community Std, Blackburn College
January 23, 2013

A really good boook for our students on this award- these are students from non-academic backgrounds but with experience in the field- they all thought this was great!

Mrs Andrea Bailey
Social Work, Advice Work & Soc Studies, Staffordshire University
January 18, 2013

Useful for Social Work degre students

Mr Robert Wu
Social Work Department, Birmingham City University
November 7, 2012

Helpful guide to whole area of policy and practi ce

Ms Elisabeth Hunter
School of Health and Social Care, Greenwich University
November 6, 2012

a great practical guide for all SW practitioners, students, trainers, SW educators and practice assessors.

Essential text for any Disability and/ or Adult ( specialist practice) module options on both BA & MA programmes.

Accessible, well structured chapters with good teaching aids, case studies and reflective exercises.

I'd just wished I'd written it!

Mr David Gaylard
Social Work (Bishop Otter), Chichester University
July 26, 2012

A clearly written and accessible account of personalisation across several areas of social work. Very helpful overview and critical engagement with this principle for social work students.

Dr Harriet Churchill
Social Work, Sheffield University
January 31, 2012

Ali Gardner

Lowis is a Senior Lecturer at the University of  Central Lancashire (UCLan), where she teaches Social Work, Social Policy and Community Care programmes. Lowis' previous employment background has mainly been located within working with children and young people in a social work capacity. Lowis has an interest in working with young people leaving care and especially within the youth justice system, and in developing various projects for young people. Her interest in social work training led her into teaching where she taught at the UCLan Burnley Campus before moving to the main campus in Preston.Ali is a Senior Lecturer at the... More About Author