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Personal development for learning disability workers

Personal development for learning disability workers

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Personal Development

64 pages | Learning Matters
If you are working within the learning disability sector and studying for the QCF Diploma in Health and Social Care, you will find this book invaluable in helping you to achieve the unit on Personal Development. It will help you to become a person-centred worker, to reflect on your own performance and to develop a plan for your future development.

The book is easy to navigate, with each chapter covering one of the learning outcomes within the unit. Each chapter begins with an example taken from real people's stories and lots of activities, photographs and other illustrations are included throughout.

About the author and the people who contributed to this book
Competence in your work role with people with learning disabilities
Being a reflective worker and evaluating your practice
Evaluating your performance
Agreeing your personal development plan and developing your knowledge skills

Excellent book, there are really useful life stories and activities for group discussions with students. The lay out of the book particularly "learning outcomes" is visually very helpful. I found Chapter 3 on personal evaluation very informative.

Ms Dee Kearney
Social Studies, Liberties College
April 1, 2014

Lesley Barcham

Lesley Barcham’s career has been about learning. She trained as a teacher of deaf children in the 1970s and started out as a hearing therapist and then teacher of secondary aged deaf children. She has also worked in residential child care and teaching children with learning disabilities and adults with a learning disability in a further education college. Lesley gained a PhD from the Open University in the 1990s for her research into the development of education for disabled children in Southern Africa. Lesley has worked for BILD for 14 years on a variety of learning materials and programmes. From 2009 – 2011 she was seconded part time to... More About Author

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