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Four Volume Set
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This collection brings together the major papers in the field of Perception, covering all five sensory modalities. This is a rich area, both in terms of the history and breadth of the subject. The articles included range from recent influential reviews to introduce an area and historical and classic material to leading-edge recent work which may challenge accepted practice. The aim is to provide a feel for the dynamism of the field – often illustrated by major debates between various positions.

Perception begins with an introduction by the editors. The introductory chapter serves as a navigation guide through the rest of the collection, and summarizes the major debates and advances from what was, initially, a topic within philosophy through to the present neuro-scientific basis of the field.

Volumes I and II focuses on visual perception as vision is the most widely-researched modality, and these volumes include classic readings on the topic, from the perception of form, color, and motion, to the grouping of these elements to facilitate the recognition. Volume III covers hearing and touch; papers on hearing cover basic perception of acoustic signals. Touch is represented by research on low-level perception of physical stimuli through to the feeling of pain. Volume IV looks the chemical senses of taste and smell – two closely-related systems. Furthermore, this volume illustrates how theorists have characterized the integration of perceptual systems, and how they interact in the multi-modal world.

This major work will prove to be a valuable resource for scholars in Psychology and related disciplines who wish to access this body of knowledge.

Single Units and Sensation: A neuron doctrine for perceptual psychology?

H. B. Barlow
On the Existence of Neurones in the Human Visual System Selectively Sensitive to the Orientation and Size of Retinal Images

C. Blakemore and F. W. Campbell
Innate and Environmental Factors in the Development of the Kitten's Visual Cortex

C. Blakemore and R. C. Van Sluyters
The Information Available in Pictures

J. J. Gibson
Perceived Lightness Depends on Perceived Spatial Arrangement

A. L. Gilchrist
Inhibitory Interaction of Receptor Units in the Eye of Limulus

H. K. Hartline and F. Ratliff
The Dark Adaptation of Retinal Fields of Different Size and Location

S. Hecht, C. Haig and G. Wald
Receptive Fields, Binocular Interaction and Functional Architecture in the Cat's Visual Cortex

D. H. Hubel and T. N. Wiesel
Texton Gradients: The texton theory revisited

B. Julesz
Preattentive Texture Discrimination with Early Vision Mechanisms

J. Malik and P. Perona
Theory of Edge Detection

D. Marr and E. Hildreth
"Tho' she kneel'd in that place where they grew…" - The Uses and Origins of Primate Colour Vision

J. D. Mollon
Neural Foundations of Visual Motion Perception

J. A. Movshon and W. T. Newsome
The Law which Underlies Protective Coloration

A. H. Thayer
Camouflage and Visual Perception

T. Troscianko, C. P. Benton, P. G. Lovell, D. J. Tolhurst and Z. Pizlo
Selective Disturbance of Movement Vision after Bilateral Brain Damage

J. Zihl, D. von Cramon and N Mai
Activity in the Fusiform Gyrus Predicts Conscious Perception of Rubin's Vase-Face Illusion

T. J. Andrews, D. Schluppeck, D. Homfray, P. Matthews and C. Blakemore
Recognition-by-Components: A theory of human image understanding

I. Biederman
The Neural Correlates of Conscious Experience: An experimental framework

C. Frith, R. Perry and E. Lumer
Perceptual Awareness and its Loss in Unilateral Neglect and Extinction

J. Driver and P. Vuilleumier
Visual Search and Stimulus Similarity

J. Duncan and G. W. Humphreys
Identification of Familiar and Unfamiliar Faces from Internal and External Features: Some implications for theories of face recognition

H. D. Ellis, J. W. Shepherd and G. M. Davies
Knowledge in Perception and Illusion

R. L. Gregory
Intersubject Synchronization of Cortical Activity During Natural Vision

U. Hasson, U. Nir, I. Levy, G. Fuhrmann and R. Malach
Neural Representation of Objects in Space: A dual coding account

G. W. Humphreys
Common Mechanisms of Visual Imagery and Perception

A. Ishai and D. Sagi
Gestalt Psychology

W. Köhler
To See or Not To See: The need for attention to perceive changes in scenes

R. A. Rensink, J. K. O'Regan and J. J. Clark
Gorillas in Our Midst: Sustained inattentional blindness for dynamic events

D. J. Simons and C. F. Chabris
Margaret Thatcher: A new illusion

P. Thompson
Two Categorical Stages of Object Recognition

E. K. Warrington and A. M. Taylor
A Saliency-Based Search Mechanism for Overt and Covert Shifts of Visual Attention

L. Itti and C. Koch
Auditory Segregation: Stream or Streams?

A. S. Bregman and A. I. Rudnicky
Some Experiments on the Recognition of Speech with One and with Two Ears

E. C. Cherry
The Active Cochlea

P. Dallos
Speech Perception and Spoken Word Recognition: Past and present

P. W. Jusczyk and P. A. Luce
Music and the Brain: Disorders of musical listening

L. Stewart, K. von Kriegstein, J. D. Warren and T. D. Griffiths
The Nature of Music from a Biological Perspective

I. Peretz
Selective Attention in Man

A. M. Treisman
Auditory Induction: Perceptual synthesis of absent sounds

R. M. Warren, C. J. Obusek and C. J. Ackroff
Why Can't You Tickle Yourself?

S. J. Blakemore, D. Wolpert and C. Frith
The Frequency Selectivity of Information-Processing Channels in the Tactile Sensory System

G. A. Gescheider, S. J. Bolanowski and K. R. Hardick
Neural Coding in the Sense of Touch: Human sensations of skin indentation compared with the responses of slowly adapting mechanoreceptive afferents innervating the hairy skin of monkeys

T. Harrington and M. M. Merzenich
Parallel and Serial Processing of Haptic Information in Man: Effects of parietal lesions on sensorimotor hand function

S. Knecht, E. Kunesch and A. Schnitzler
Pain Mechanisms: A new theory

S. J. Lederman and R. L. Klatzky
Hand Movements: A window into haptic object recognition

R. Melzack and P. D. Wall
The Perception of Phantom Limbs

V. S. Ramachandran and W. Hirsten
Mass Discrimination during Prolonged Weightlessness

H. Ross, E. Brodie and A. Benson
Cognitive Modulation of Olfactory Processing

I. E. de Araujo, E. T. Rolls, M. I. Velazco, C. Margot and I. Cayeux
The Psychophysics of Taste

L. M. Bartoshuk
Duplexity Theory of Taste

G. Von Békésy
Development of Taste Perception in Humans: Sensitivity and preference throughout the life span

B. J. Cowart
Olfactory Coding in the Mammalian Olfactory Bulb

M. Leon and B. A. Johnson
Taste Reception

B. Lindemann
Brain Mechanisms for Extracting Spatial Information from Smell

J. Porter, T. Anand, B. Johnson, R. M. Khan and N. Sobel
Taste Perception in Patients with Insular Cortex Lesions

T. C. Pritchard, D. A. Macaluso and P. J. Eslinger
The Human Sense of Smell: Are we better than we think?

G. M. Shepherd
Odor/Taste Integration and the Perception of Flavor

D. M. Small and J. Prescott
Crossmodal Attention

J. Driver and C. Spence
Separate Neural Pathways for the Viisual Analysis of Object Shape in Perception and Prehension

M. A. Goodale, J. P. Meenan, H. H. Bulthofft, D. A. Nicolle, K. J. Murphy and C. I. Racicot
The Nose Smells What the Eye Sees: Crossmodal visual facilitation of Human olfactory perception

J. A. Gottfried and R. J. Dolan
The Roles of Vision and Eye Movements in the Control of Activities of Daily Living

M. Land, N. Mennie and J. Rusted
On the Similarity of Odor and Language Perception

T. S. Lorig
Activation of Auditory Cortex During Silent Lipreading

G. Calvert et al.
Visual Capture of Touch: Out-of-the-body experiences with rubber gloves

F. Pavani, C. Spence and J. Driver
Mechanisms of Synaesthesia: Cognitive and physiological constraints

P.G. Grossenbacher and C.T. Lovelace
On the Use of Drawing Tasks in Neuropsychological Assessment

A. D. Smith
Cross-modal Recognition of Shape from Hand to Eyes in Human Newborns

A. Streri and E. Gentaz

Tom Troscianko

Alastair M. Smith