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Pediatric and Adolescent AIDS

Pediatric and Adolescent AIDS
Research Findings from the Social Sciences

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200 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The response to children with AIDS is often misguided and irrational. Consequently, infected infants and children suffer not only the effects of the disease but ostracism, fear and stretched medical resources as well. Responding to the need for information on pediatric and adolescent AIDS, this volume provides a concise, integrated and up-to-date review of social science research, clinical work and theory.

After exploring the medical and epidemiological aspects of the disease, the authors discuss AIDS knowledge and attitudes, sexual behaviour and intravenous drug use among adolescents. Treatment and prevention approaches are also examined, as are complex ethical and legal issues surrounding clinical and research aspects of AIDS amongst this vulnerable population.

Virology, Immunology, and Clinical Features
Knowledge and Attitudes
Adolescent Sexual Behavior
Adolescent Intravenous Drug Use
Prevention and Interventions
Ethical and Legal Issues
Research Priorities

Scott Henggeler

Gary B. Melton

Gary B. Melton is Professor of Pediatrics in the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Professor of Community and Behavioral Health in the Colorado School of Public Health. More About Author

James R. Rodrigue