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Learning and teaching in the post compulsory sector

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September 2019 | 384 pages | Learning Matters

This text is an introduction to learning and teaching in the post compulsory sector. Those training to teach in the sector need to understand learning and learners in PCET.  

This text goes further than other texts in its exploration of the sector. It encourages readers to critically evaluate the context of PCET in the UK and opens up their learning through introducing some global profiles.

The text explores learners in the sector, the diversity of the sector, the challenges and some topical contemporary themes. It covers a breadth of content and can thus be used as a general course text for all PGCE (PCET) courses as well as other education programmes. Through pedagogical features including critical questions, teacher and learner voices, links to practice and more, the text provides a resource for all those learning about PCET.

John Keenan and Karima Kadi-Hanifi
1. What does the further and adult education sector do, and why does it matter?
Mike Saunders
2. ‘Keep at a rolling boil’ – Policy change in the PCET sector
Lucy Mitchell
3. Quality assurance
Liz Atkins
4. Social justice and education
Dale Munday
5. Diversity in the PCET sector
Michael Smith
6. Literacy and numeracy
Judith Darnell
7. Students and parental involvement behaviours
Jonathan Tummons and Jacklyn Williams
8. Motivating students: why would they want to learn?
Sasha Pleasance
9. How should we teach in FE?
Janet Lord
10. It’s all in the mind...or is it? Can an understanding of psychological approaches to learning enhance teaching?
Mike Saunders
11. Talk! Talk! Dialogue in the classroom –a Social Learning perspective
Jonathan Tummons
12. Assessment
Jim Crawley
13. Living and learning
Adeline Y S Goh and Jonathan Tummons
14. Work-based learning
Sam Jones and Catherine Lloyd
15. Knowledge, skills and competence in vocational learning
Azumah Dennis and Sherene Meir
16. Making sense of lifelong learning
Sharron Wilkinson
17. Offender learning and prison education
Rose Cook
18. Participation and inclusivity in adult learning: international perspectives
Annelies Kamp
19. Post-compulsory education and training in Aotearoa New Zealand
Natalie Morris and Jane Pither
20. Country profile: Finland
Nichola Kentzer, Jane Dudeney and Janet Lord
21. Mental health and wellbeing in the post compulsory sector
Kate Lavender
22. College-based higher education
Roy Halpin and Cheryl Reynolds
23. Information and communication technology in the post compulsory sector
Aaron Bradbury and Vicky Wynne
24. Apprenticeships
Samantha Jones
25. Professional development in further and adult education
Gary Husband and Lou Mycroft
26. The cost of everything and the value of nothing: What’s next for the FE sector?

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Jonathan Tummons

Jonathan Tummons is associate professor and deputy head of the School of Education at Durham University, UK. Jonathan researches, writes and teaches in a variety of fields relating to higher, further, and professional education, and his work has been consulted by qualification awarding bodies, further education colleges,  medical educators, Ofsted, and the OECD. More About Author

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