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Paths of Change

Paths of Change
Strategic Choices for Organizations and Society

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Organizational Culture

288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The substantially revised edition of Will McWhinney's inspirational Paths of Change outlines a new foundation for the theory and practice of change, initiating discipline of praxis using concepts from psychology, sociology, anthropology and new methods of working with ontological and narrative concepts to produce intentional changes in society.

The components of McWhinney's theory include: a map of four alternative realities; a guidance theory based on two great myths that have been used in many cultures over the past millennia; and the qualities required to deal courageously with the paradoxes of change and resolution efforts. The author indicates the critical role of leader and followers, and of the coevolution of cultures that must accompany efforts to resolve major issues. He builds on the proposition that the most frequently encountered sources of conflict are the very changes we make in attempts to resolve related issues.

E Trist
Journey to Resolution

Alternative Realities
Dialectics of Change
Modes of Change
Paths of Resolution
Leaders, Followers and Cultures
Courage for the Journey

On module reading list as an essential read

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November 18, 2015

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