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Passing the PCSO Recruit Assessment Process

Passing the PCSO Recruit Assessment Process

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Getting Into the Police

112 pages | Learning Matters
With practical tips to help with written exercises, interview technique and role plays, this book clearly explains the new nationwide PCSO assessment system. Packed with advice, and including coverage of the National Competencies for the PCSO role, this manual guides the reader on how to succeed at every stage, from completing the application pack to preparing for and passing the written assessment exercises.
The National Core Competencies
The application form
Assessment centres
Interactive exercises
Written exercises
Respect for race and diversity
Psychometric tests
After the assessment centre
Appendix A - The National Core Competencies
Appendix B - The National Core Competencies: Checklist
Appendix C - Central Hospital Trust: Information pack

Peter Cox

Peter Cox was an Inspector in exams and assessment at Centrex, Harrogate. During his time there he was responsible for training recruit assessors, designing recruit assessment exercises and ensuring the assessment process was adopted nationally by all police forces. He also served as a police officer for 27 years and holds a Certificate of Education. More About Author