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Passing the Numeracy Skills Test

Passing the Numeracy Skills Test

Seventh Edition (Revised and Updated Edition)

January 2018 | 112 pages | Learning Matters
The clock is ticking and before you know, it will be September! Use our popular study guides Passing the Numeracy Skills Test and Passing the Literacy Skills Test to get those pesky skills tests done and dusted asap. This seventh edition includes more guidance to help you develop the Key Knowledge required to approach the test with confidence. Updated throughout to reflect contemporary contexts and with new questions.

You’ll be more confident
These books are authored by experts who know the QTS skills tests inside out and used by thousands and thousands of aspiring teachers just like you.

You’ll know what’s coming
Hints, tips and handy Q&As help you fully understand the format and structure of the tests and know what to expect on the day of the test.

You’ll secure your place sooner
With full practice tests and loads of practice questions these books will help you get a great score, pass the first time and secure your place on the course sooner rather than later.

You can do this!

Check out the companion guide Passing the Literacy Skills Test.


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Mark Patmore

Mark Patmore is a senior lecturer in mathematical education in /par1/the Department of Education at Nottingham Trent University. /par1/He is a Principal Moderator for GCSE Mathematics for a /par1/leading examination board, and a Senior Assessor for Key /par1/Stage 3 National Tests. He is the author of a number of /par1/Publications for GCSE and Key Stage 3. More About Author