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Parties and Party Systems

Parties and Party Systems
A Bibliographic Guide to the Literature on Parties and Party Systems in Europe since 1945

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Political Parties

448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Sage Publications Parties and Party Systems CD-ROM is a unique database of titles published globally on European parties and party systems since 1945. The database contains references to more than 11,500 titles with each entry cross coded by a number of key searchable fields. The result is both a powerful retrieval tool for students and researchers and an invaluable work of quantitative analysis of the discipline from a comparative and evolutionary perspective. Features and benefits: + Comprehensive and accessible + A unique international resource + Full bibliographic searching + Free text searching + Considers all forms of publication from authored monographs, edited volumes, to journal articles + Includes separate references to individual chapter contributions in edited works + Each entry coded by number of key properties including the subject, topic, or approach of the entry; the type of party or party family; and the country or countries covered by the publication + Covers all languages in English translation (retaining original French titles) + Direct access to the introductory and background materials on CD-ROM, which is also included as an accompanying booklet
Introduction: The Criteria for This Bibliography
A Quantitative Analysis of the Literature
Parties and Party Systems
Reference Works
History of Parties
Ideologies of Parties
Internal Structures and Processes
Government Regulation of Parties
Electoral Systems and Parties
Elections, Campaigns, Issues, Electoral Strategies
Parties and Social Support
Parties, Interest Groups and Movements
Parties in Parliament
Parties in Government
Parties in Other Arenas than Central Government
Parties and International Activities
Party Policies
Other Work

`It is so far superior to anything else available that no serious student of European political parties will want to be without it' - Party Politics

`What we have here on CD-ROM is an extraordinary rich bibliography of the literature on parties and party systems, covering most of Europe and also covering almost 50 years of publications. In all, some 11,500 titles are listed, including journal articles, monographs, edited collections, individual chapters in edited collections, and even some "grey" literature- working papers and so on. coverage extends to publications from more than 5, 000 authors, writing on some 37 individual countries, and publishing in more than 20 languages, with each title being referenced in its original language and, when necessary, in an English translation' - West European Politics

Stefano Bartolini

Daniele Caramani

Daniele Caramani is professor of political science (chair of comparative politics and methods) at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He is the author of the book and CD-ROM Elections in Western Europe since 1815 (Palgrave, 2000) and The Nationalization of Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2004), for which he received the “Stein Rokkan Prize for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences.” He has also edited Comparative Politics (Oxford University Press, 2008). His current research focuses on the integration of European electorates and party systems. A paper on “Is There a European Electorate and What Does It Look Like?... More About Author

Simon Hug