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Overweight and Obesity in America’s Children: Causes, Consequences, Solutions

Overweight and Obesity in America’s Children: Causes, Consequences, Solutions

Edited by:
  • Amy B. Jordan - Annenberg School for Communication of the University of Pennsylvania

244 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

For the past several years, researchers have been examining possible causes of the rise in of childhood overweight and obesity in the U.S. Now at near-epidemic proportions, the time has come to really delve into the causes of overweight children and propose some practical solutions to help the 9 million children in this country who are overweight.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this special issue of The ANNALS inspects the social problem of childhood obesity from various angles and uses empirically based, creative suggestions for overcoming and preventing unhealthy lifestyles. The authors of this special issue include health care practitioners, social scientists, philanthropists, advocates, and policy makers who understand that this is a complex issue made up of a myriad of factors.

Amy B. Jordan
Section One: Home, School, and Community
Childhood Overweight and the Relationship between Parent Behaviors, Parenting Style, and Family Functioning

Kyung Rhee
Children's Healthy Weight and the School Environment

Laura C. Leviton
Childhood Overweight and the Built Environment: Making Technology Part of the Solution Rather Than Part of the Problem

Amy Hillier
Childhood Obesity Prevention: Successful Community-Based Efforts

Laure DeMattia and Shannon Lee Denney
Section Two: Media and Culture
The Effects of Food Marketing on Children’s Preferences: Testing the Moderating Roles of Age and Gender

Ariel Chernin
Children, Television Viewing, and Weight Status: Summary and Recommendations from an Expert Panel Meeting

Amy B. Jordan and Thomas N. Robinson
Calories for Sale: Food Marketing to Children in the Twenty-First Century

Susan Linn and Courtney L. Novosat
Section Three: Public Policy Efforts
First Amendment Implications of Restricting Food and Beverage Marketing in Schools

Samantha K. Graff
Assessing the Feasibility and Impact of Federal Childhood Obesity Policies

Victoria L. Brescoll, Rogan Kersh, and Kelly D. Brownell
Generation O: Addressing Childhood Overweight before It’s Too Late

Laura M. Segal and Emily A. Gadola
Section Four: Comments
Mobilizing to Defeat the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Tom Harkin
Confronting Childhood Obesity

Sam Brownback
What Can We Do to Control Childhood Obesity?

William H. Dietz and Thomas N. Robinson
Section Five: Quick Read Synopsis
Overweight and Obesity in America’s Children: Causes, Consequences, Solutions


Amy Beth Jordan

Amy B. Jordan is director of the Media and the Developing Child sector of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, where she oversees research on children's media policy. Her studies have examined the implementation and public reception of the educational television mandate known as the Three-Hour Rule, the V-Chip legislation, the American Academy of Pediatrics' media use recommendations and the industry's efforts to self-regulate food marketing to children. Dr. Jordan has published the findings of her research in dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and has edited special issues of... More About Author