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Organizing Identity

Organizing Identity
Persons and Organizations after theory

First Edition

February 2007 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book makes a significant contribution to cultural economic approaches to organizational and economic life. Specifically it offers both a survey of the field, as well as a practical guide to doing 'cultural economy'. The text, which builds upon du Gay's earlier work, will engage with a range of debates from cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, geography, and management.

It brings du Gay's style and originality to bear on the subject of culture and economy, and results in a book that will once more make a solid contribution to cultural studies. The book is divided into three sections:

Section 1: Identity and History
Section 2: Theory
Section 3: Politics

It also features an Introduction which outlines the distinctiveness of 'cultural economy' as an academic practice. It also offers an overview of the current state of the discipline and field.
Introduction: 'Identity' After 'The Moment of Theory'
The Identity of Persons I
The Identity of Persons II
Which Is the 'Self' in 'Self-Interest'?
Retail, Shopping and Personhood

Re-Instating an Ethic of Bureaucratic Office
Office, Ethos and Persona in Public Management

The Tyranny of the Epochal
'Change', Epochalism and Organizational Casuistry

The Trouble with "Governance"
State, Bureaucracy and Freedom


Good content, well organised

Dr Kevin Gillan
Sociology , Manchester University
November 10, 2009

Paul du Gay

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