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Organizational Theory and Inquiry

Organizational Theory and Inquiry
The Paradigm Revolution

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Volume: 75
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Qualitative Research

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The transition from viewing organizations as bureaucracies towards seeing them in metaphoric terms is a contemporary break with past organizational theory. But to investigate the similarities between real organizations and the metaphors describing their functions and context, a shift in both methods of inquiry and organizational theory must take place. This volume explores the paradigm shift at three levels: an overview of historical roots; an explication of terminology, metaphors and constructs; and the practical application of these new organizational inquiry methods, especially for actual research practices and policy analysis applications.
Yvonna S Lincoln
The Context of the Paradigmatic Shift
David L Clark
Emerging Paradigms in Organizational Theory and Research
Egon G Guba
The Context of Emergent Paradigm Research
The Concepts of the Paradigmatic Shift
Karl E Weick
Sources of Order in Unorganized Systems: Themes in Recent Organizational Theory
Yvonna S Lincoln
The Substance of the Emergent Paradigm: Implications for Researchers
Applications in the Practice of Research
Anne Sigismund Huff
Managerial Implications of the Emerging Paradigm
Thomas M Skritic
Doing Naturalistic Research into Educational Organizations
Yvonna S Lincoln
Epilogue: Dictionaries for Languages Not Yet Spoken

Yvonna S. Lincoln

Yvonna S. Lincoln is Professor Emerita at Texas A&M University, where she held the Ruth Harrington Chair of Educational Leadership and was Distinguished Professor of Higher Education. She is the coeditor of the journal Qualitative Inquiry, coeditor of the first through six editions of The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research, and coeditor of The SAGE Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies. As well, she is the coauthor, editor, or coeditor of more than a half dozen other books and volumes. She has served as the President of the Association for the Study of Higher Education and the American Evaluation Research Association,... More About Author