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Organizational Learning

Organizational Learning

Edited by:
  • Michael D. Cohen - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement
  • Lee S. Sproull - Boston University, Massachusetts

Volume: 2
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Organization Studies

November 1995 | 632 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How do organizations learn, change and adapt? The chapters in this book contribute to the development of organizational learning theory in three ways. They delineate its scope, differentiating it from organizational ecology, choice and individual learning; demonstrate the explanatory power of a learning perspective; and illustrate the application of research tools useful for the study of learning.
Michael D Cohen and Lee S Sproull
James G March, Lee S Sproull and Michal Tamuz
Learning from Samples of One or Fewer
Edwin Hutchins
Organizing Work by Adaptation
John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid
Organizational Learning Communities-of-Practice
Toward a Unified View of Working, Learning, and Innovation

Dennis Epple, Linda Argote and Rukmini Devadas
Organizational Learning Curves
A Method for Investigating Intra-Plant Transfer of Knowledge Acquired through Learning by Doing

James G March
Exploration and Exploitation in Organizational Learning
George P Huber
Organization Learning
The Contributing Processes and Literatures

Karl E Weick
The Nontraditional Quality of Organizational Learning
Herbert A Simon
Bounded Rationality and Organizational Learning
Michael D Cohen
Individual Learning and Organizational Routine
Emerging Connections

Daniel A Levinthal
Organizational Adaptation and Environmental Selection - Interrelated Processes of Change
Paul Attewell
Technology Diffusion and Organizational Learning
The Case of Business Computing

Kathleen Carley
Organizational Learning and Personnel Turnover
Theresa K Lant and Stephen J Mezias
An Organizational Learning Model of Convergence and Reorientation
Beverly Virany, Michael L Tushman and Elaine Romanelli
Executive Succession and Organization Outcomes in Turbulent Environments
An Organization Learning Approach

Karl E Weick and Karlene H Roberts
Collective Mind in Organizations
Heedful Interrelating on Flight Decks

Rebecca M Henderson
Technological Change and the Management of Architectural Knowledge
Anne S Miner
Organizational Evolution and the Social Ecology of Jobs
Michael D Cohen and Paul Bacdayan
Organizational Routines Are Stored as Procedural Memory
Evidence from a Laboratory Study

Scott D N Cook and Dvora Yanow
Culture and Organizational Learning
Sidney G Winter
Organizing for Continuous Improvement
William H Starbuck
Learning by Knowledge-Intensive Firms
Barbara Levitt and James G March
Organizational Learning
Sim B Sitkin
Learning through Failure
The Strategy of Small Losses


Michael D. Cohen

Lee S. Sproull

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