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Organizational Health and Well-Being

Organizational Health and Well-Being

Three Volume Set
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June 2011 | 1 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The field of work and well-being is growing at a phenomenal rate, as obesity, mental health, heart disease, and alcohol consumption become increasingly important for organizations in the public and private sector.

This collection covers the sources and costs of workplace stress; major theories of organizational stress and well-being; and intervention studies in the field.

Within the major work, an international advisory board identifies the best original science, as well as the relevant theories and recent intervention studies that reflect best practice in terms of enhancing well-being at work.


Theories of Organizational Health and Wellbeing
Reviewing the Effort-Reward Imbalance Model: Drawing up the Balance of 45 Empirical Studies

N. Van Vegchel et al
The Job Demand-Control(-Support) Model and Psychological Well-Being: A Review of 20 Years of Empirical Research

M. Van der Doef and S. Maes
The Demands-Control Model of Job Strain: A More Specific Test

T.D. Wall et al
Irreconcilable Differences? Strategic Human Resource Management and Employee Well-Being

M. Brown et al
Job Security and Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction and Psychological Well-Being as Non-additive Predictors of Workplace Turnover

T.A. Wright and D.G. Bonett
Job Insecurity and Psychological Well-Being: Review of the Literature and Exploration of Some Unresolved Issues

H. De Witte
Positive Social Interactions and the Human Body at Work: Linking Organizations and Physiology

E.D. Heaphy and J.E. Dutton
The Job Satisfaction-Job Performance Relationship: A Qualitative and Quantitative Review

T.A. Judge et al
The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Health: A Meta-Analysis

B. Faragher, M. Cass and C.L. Cooper
Organizational Health Outcomes - Job Performance, Sickness Absence, Accidents
Is Job Strain a Major Source of Cardiovascular Disease Risk?

K.L. Belkic et al
Psychosocial Factors and Safety Behaviour as Predictors of Accidental Work Injuries in Farming

D.J. Glasscock et al
The Impact of Psychological Distress on Absence from Work

G.E. Hardy, D. Woods and T.D. Wall
Emotional Exhaustion as a Predictor of Job Performance and Voluntary Turnover

T.A. Wright and R. Cropanzano
Job Strain and Cardiovascular Disease

P.L. Schnall, P.A. Landsbergis and D. Baker
Working for Health? Evidence from Systematic Reviews on the Effects on Health and Health Inequalities or Organisational Changes to the Psychosocial Work Environment

C. Bambra et al
Advances in Occupational Health: From a Stressful Beginning to a Positive Future?

M. Macik-Frey, J.C. Quick and D. L. Nelson
Promotion of Occupational and Public Health: The European Experience and Challenge

C.L. Cooper and L. Levi
Job Burnout

C. Maslach, W.B. Schaufeli and M.P. Leiter
Burnout and Engagement: Independent Factors or Opposite Poles?

V. González-Roma et al
Influence of Perceived Organisational Factors on Job Burnout: Survey of Community Mental Health Staff

A. Lasalvia, et al
Job Demands, Job Resources, and their Relationship with Burnout and Engagement: A Multi-Sample Study

W.B. Schaufeli and A.B. Bakker
Occupational Differences
Elvis to Eminem: Quantifying the Price of Fame through Early Mortality of European and North American Rock and Pop Stars

M.A. Bellis et al
Prevalence and Causes of Self-Reported Work-Related Stress in Head Teachers

S. Phillips, D. Sen and R. McNamee
Mental Health and Quality of Life among Doctors, Nurses and Other Hospital Staff

J.A. Su et al
Power Motivation, Illness, Coping Strategies and Psychological Stress in Police Trainees

J. Langan-Fox, T. Deery and S. Van Vliet
Relationship between Quality of Life and Occupational Stress among Teachers

X. Yang et al
Organizational Commitment and the Well-Being of Temporary Agency Workers: A Longitudinal Study

N. Galais and K. Moser
Perceived Collective Efficacy, Subjective Well-Being and Task Performance among Electronic Work Groups - An Experimental Study

M. Salanova et al
Job Characteristics: Control, Hours, Demands and Violence
Low Job Control and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Whitehall II (Prospective Cohort) Study

H. Bosma et al
Well-Being and Occupational Health in the 21st Century Workplace

K. Sparks, B, Faragher and C.L. Cooper
The Impact of Overtime and Long Work Hours on Occupational Injuries and Illnesses: New Evidence from the United States

A.E. Dembe et al
Predictors and Outcomes of Workplace Violence and Aggression

M. LeBlanc and E.K. Kelloway
A Meta-Analysis of Work Demand Stressors and Job Performance: Examining Main and Moderating Effects

S. Gilboa et al
Work Characteristics and Employee Health and Well-Being: Test of a Model of Healthy Work Organization

M.G. Wilson et al
Self-Managing Teamwork and Psychological Well-Being: Review of a Multilevel Research Domain

H. Van Mierlo et al
Leader Behaviour and Health
Safety Leadership: A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Transformational Leadership on Safety Outcomes

J. Mullen and E.K. Kelloway
The Effects of Transformational Leadership on Followers' Perceived Work Characteristics and Psychological Well-Being: A Longitudinal Study

K. Nielsen et al
Managerial Leadership and Ischaemic Heart Disease Among Employees: The Swedish WOLF Study

A. Nyberg et al
The Effect on Ambulatory Blood Pressure of Working under Favourably and Unfavourably Perceived Supervisors

N. Wager, G. Fieldman and T. Hussey
Work-Life Balance
A Meta-Analytic Review of Work - Family Conflict and its Antecedents

K. Byron
Cross-National Differences in Relationships of Work Demands, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions with Work-Family Conflict

P.E. Spector et al
Cross-Cultural Differences in Work-to-Family Conflict and Role Satisfaction: A Taiwanese-British Comparison

L. Lu et al
When Work and Families are Allies: A Theory of Work-Family Enrichment

G. Greenhaus and G. Powell
Health Promotion/Wellness Programmes
Comprehensive Health Promotion Interventions at the Workplace: Experiences with Health Circles in Germany

B. Aust and A. Ducki
Organizational Wellness Programs: A Meta-Analysis

K.M. Parks and L.A. Steelman
Worksite Wellness Programs for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: A Policy Statement from the American Heart Association

M. Carnethon et al
Workplace Interventions
Healthy Mind; Healthy Organization - A Proactive Approach to Occupational Stress

C.L. Coope and S. Cartwright
Effects of Occupational Stress Management Intervention Programs: A Meta-Analysis

K.M. Richardson and H.R. Rothstein
Assessing the Impact of Healthy Work Organization Intervention

D.M. DeJoy et al
Psychosocial and Health Effects of Workplace Reorganisation. A Systematic Review of Organisational-Level Interventions that Aim to Increase Employee Control

M. Egan et al
Single Session Debriefing after Psychological Trauma: A Meta Analysis

A.A.P Van Emmerik et al
When a 'Happy' Worker is Really a 'Productive' Worker: A Review and Further Refinement of the Happy-Productive Worker Thesis

R. Cropanzano and T.A. Wright
Happiness, Health, or Relationships? Managerial Practices and Employee Well-Being Tradeoffs

A.M. Grant, M.K. Christianson and R.H. Price
Healthy, Happy, Productive Work: A Leadership Challenge

J.C. Quick and J.D. Quick
Research Issues
Why Negative Affectivity Should not be Controlled in Job Stress Research: Don't Throw out the Baby with the Bath Water

P.E. Spector et al

Cary L. Cooper

Cary L. Cooper is the 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at the Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. He is a founding President of the British Academy of Management, Immediate Past President of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), former President of RELATE and President of the Institute of Welfare.  He was the Founding Editor of the Journal of Organizational Behavior, former Editor of the scholarly journal Stress and Health and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management, now in its’ 3rd Edition. He has been an advisor to... More About Author

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