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Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment

Organizational Diagnosis and Assessment
Bridging Theory and Practice

July 2012 | 496 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book presents a distinctive approach to organizational consultation and planned change that reflects current research and theorizing about organizational change and effectiveness.

The authors draw on multiple analytical frameworks to produce empirically grounded models of sources of ineffectiveness and forces for change. The book offers workable solutions to critical problems and demonstrates ways to meet organizational challenges such as market downturns, technological change, and alliances with other organizations.

Frames and Models in Organizational Diagnosis
Applying the Open-Systems Frame
Assessing Effectiveness and Ineffectiveness
Diagnostic Models in Use
Diagnosing Organizational Politics
Group Performance
Organization Design
Human Resource Management
Emergent Behavior and Workforce Diversity
Organizational Culture
Diagnosis across the Organizational Life Cycle
Labor Relations
Strategy Formation and Organizational Learning
Diagnosing Macro Systems
Applying Multiple Theoretical Frames

"This book presents sharp-image diagnosis, a distinctive approach to consultation and planned changes that reflects current research in organizational change and effectiveness." 

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Michael I. Harrison

Michael I. Harrison, Ph.D, is a Senior Social Scientist in the Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). He leads Agency activities in Health System Design, manages and contributes to research in delivery systems across the United States, and conducts research on organizational improvement and implementation of system change. His publications include papers in leading health services research journals, Diagnosing Organizations: Methods, Models, and Processes (Sage, 2005), and Implementing Change in Health Systems: Market Reforms in the United Kingdom, Sweden, and the... More About Author

Arie Shirom

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