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Organizational Behaviour and Change in Europe

Organizational Behaviour and Change in Europe
Case Studies

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This volume addresses key issues in organizational behavior and human resource management in a variety of European organizations. Covering select case-studies that are longer and richer than is typical, Organizational Behavior and Change in Europe captures the realistic breadth and complexity that exists in organizations that are changing, developing, and internationalizing at a rapid pace. This thorough approach allows the reader to locate organizational behavior or human research management themes in the context of the broader market and other issues facing the organizations concerned, as well as facilitating teaching and learning in a variety of ways, using a variety of theoretical frameworks. The cases discussed reflect sensitivity to the impact of different cultures on problems, and illustrate likely approaches and solutions to them. Topics covered include managing growth and "Europeanization"; managing decline and crisis; transforming cultures; and organizational design, leadership, autonomy, and control. This stimulating case-study volume addresses key issues in organizational behavior, organizational change, and human resource management in a range of European organizations, including international companies based in Europe.
Fran[ci]coise Chevalier and Micha[um]el Segalla
Cr[ac]edit Lyonnais
The Internationalization of a French Bank

Armand Spineux and Evelyne Leonard
Success Story or Realpolitik?

S[o with a line through it]oren Christensen and Jan Molin
The Humanitarian Foundation (Huf)
Revitalizing an Old Organization

Carlo Turati
Italdata Italiana
Learning from the Chaos: The Irrational in Organizational Change

Carlos Obeso
Joaquin Candel
Rise and Fall of an Autocratic Leader

Karl Sandner
Kogen [um]Osterreich
Identity Lost

Hugo Letiche
Rhine and Rh[ci]one Transport
From Strong Cultural Fit to Weak Results

Martin Gjelsvik and Odd Nordhaug
From Regulated Shelter to Deregulated Storm

Jan L[um]owstedt
Rodeby School
The Successful Organization of Professionals


`The contributors to this book have provided a rare opportunity for students of comparitive management and those interested in international business.... This set of cases is timely, well crafted and extraodinarily useful for scholars and students alike' - Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management

Francoise Chevalier

Michael Segalla

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